German court has thrown out a fine imposed on a dr - me
A German court has thrown out a fine imposed on a driver caught by a speed camera on a perfectly safe road.
The Frankfurt-Oder court ruled that councils can't fine motorists for exceeding the speed limit on safe stretches of road. German law only allows speed cameras on dangerous stretches of road with a history of accidents.
Driver Petra Marx argued the fine was illegal because the road is not an accident black-spot. The court agreed and scrapped the standard £15 fine. (£15? compare that with Britain!)
Petra said:
"The place I was blitzed does not appear on the accident lists and so the authorities cannot put up a speed camera just to fill their own coffers."
Re: Unfortunate translation there - Matt Kelly
from a German - "The place I was blitzed . . ."

Anyway, what's the chances of that happening here ?
None, obviously.
Re: Unfortunate translation there - Brian
Ve haff vays
Re: Unfortunate translation there - Andy Bairsto
This might be true but does not apply overall Germany ,plus in this case their was an implication that the camara was not working correctly at the time .It is still there and catching people who are fined .The 15 ukp is the minimum fine it rises to over 10000dm and a 3 year ban depending on the circumstances.Also on the basic fine there is no points on your record.If you appeal or request details the fine doubles plus paper work costs are added.Sometimes press soundbites do not tell the whole storey.
Andy Bairsto,

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