Motorpoint - Nervous
I can get a new UK spec 1.6 Focus Ghia from Motorpoint for
approx £3K less than the best deal my local Ford franchise can offer. The
only snag as far as I can tell is that due to the fact that it is an import (of some kind)it only comes with 1 years manufacturers warranty as opposed to 3 from UK dealer. Motorpoint offer an extended warranty to give a 'like for like'
comparison as they call it for £290 per year. Is this a good deal? Anything else I need to be aware of in buying from Motorpoint?
It just seems too good to be true.
Re: Motorpoint - Martin Wall
See my earlier posting - you *may* be able to get a 2yr manufacturer warranty if you wait until January...

Also - I always thought Trade Sales were usually better for price?

Like all of these places what they list as 'in stock' on their website and what they actually have for sale when you visit in person are very different!
Re: Motorpoint - KB
See earlier message "TOYOTA IMPORTS" by Bob H on the 12th (Click on older messages). They sell loads of cheap motors and are still there, so most people are obviously happy. Buy on price rather than customer care.
Re: Motorpoint - Andrew Barnes
Just ensure that the car is fully UK spec and has all the features of the equivalent UK model. Also, what you will get is the balance of the manufacturers warranty, so make sure the car hasn't been sitting around for a while, or the warranty might be shorter.

Re: Motorpoint - Andrew Barnes
or you could import your own and save even more:

Re: Motorpoint - Moosh
If its an by 'import' say from Ireland, its probably been made in the same factory as its UK supplied model, so no worries there.
Re: Motorpoint - Martin Burns
I have just sold a Ford Puma that I bought from Motorpoint 2 years ago which at the time was 3 grand less than my Ford dealers best price. I had no probs at all with it in the two years and also had people biting my hand off to buy it off me. So no probs with people being wary of it because it didn't come from a Ford dealer.
In fact I was so pleased I have just bought a MR2 from Trade-Sales and can honestly say until something changes I will never buy a car from a franchised dealer again
Re: Motorpoint - Nervous
That's good news about re-sale. I've actually paid the deposit and am just waiting for a phone call to say the car is here - should be under 2 weeks. The only down side was having to pick a car from 'stock'. Didn't bother me too much as the spec is ok and any colour you like as long as it's silver. As I said earlier. As long as they have the car you want in the right flavour it seems too good to be true.
Re: Motorpoint - Moosh
Ref. the UK dealers 3 year warranty. Do they insist you get it serviced with a franchised Ford dealer. If they do its not really free.
Re: Motorpoint - Nervous
Just wanted to say THANKS to all who responded. Best advice is always from someone who's 'Been there, done that'. Thanks again.
Re: Motorpoint - broker4cars
In reply, if you want a UK supplied vehicle at cost price and do not want to shop round the dealers take a look at as they give you a quote on the majority of makes for a small commission. Your deal is directly with a UK franchised dealer with whom you will deal directly with at the price we quote. Customers still receive three years manufacturers warranty and road side assistance.

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