Lexus - Peter M.
There is a problem with the Lexus that needs to be addressed, i.e. how do you refer to a plurality of them? Do you just add an 's' as in Astras, Peugeots, etc? (A fleet of Lexuss) Refer to them as 'Lexi' (as in hippopotami) or 'Lexuses' as in buses. Or just 'Lexus', as in Walrus.
Can anybody think of any other car with a name ending in 'us'?
I really should get out more!
Re: Lexus - Guy Lacey
Jap-cr*p. [as in sheep]
'us' - David Lacey
Ford Taurus?
Re: 'us' - Biff
Re: 'us' - THe Growler
Not for nothing is "Rover" a popular name for a dog.
Re: 'us' - mike
the latin plural of "us" is "i",
so it would be lexi,

maybe we sould relate the plural to the type of drivers

eg a gaggle of xr2 nova gt, as they always seem to go around in groups. making an annoying noise, a bit like geese
Re: 'us' - Lee H
A serenity of Xantias....
Re: 'us' - David W
And their owners...

Re: 'us' - Lee H
Please don't flame me......

An eccentricity of Citroen owners
A persecution of Lada owners
A flash of BMW owners
An average of Ford/Vauxhall owners
A certainty of Mercedes owners
An adventure of bikers
A retirement of Honda owners
An annoyance of white van drivers
An understanding of Alfa drivers
An aspiration of Audi drivers
Re: 'us' - Darcy Kitchin
A plutocracy of Rolls royce drivers
A giggle of 2CV dvivers
Re: 'us' - Jonathan
Darcy Kitchin wrote:
> A plutocracy of Rolls royce drivers
> A giggle of 2CV dvivers

Was that an intentional lisp?
Re: 'us' - Ian Cook
An asylum of Renault owners?
Re: Lexus - Andy P
After much head-scratching, my local Lexus dealer told me that they have "several Lexus" for sale. Just because it ends "us", the plural version doesn't necessarily have to end in "i". If that was the case, what would the plural of bus be????

Re: Lexus - Ian Cook
Reminds me of the bloke who was writing out a mail order letter to buy a mongoose, but he actually wanted two of them. He wrote:

"Dear Sir,

Please send me two mongooses..."

He crossed it out and wrote:

"Please send me two mongeese..."

He finally crossed them all out and wrote:

"Please send me a mongoose - PS. Please send me another one, too".

Re: Lexus - Andrew Wills
as with walrus (and sheep), best left alone ...
got to admire those at Toyota who thought up the marque - short, sweet and implies luxury and excellence
Re: 'us' - Stuart B
A niblick of Golf drivers
A mint of Polo drivers
A hair salon of XR3i cabriolet drivers
A tracey of Sharan drivers (as in Birds ov a Fevver) oh all right I give up!

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