Corsa Heater Matrix - Peter Cox
Our Corsa 1.7 Diesel has just had the heater matrix replaced for the second time. The car was new in 1996, the heater matrix failed in 1998 at 23000 miles, also ruining the carpet that had to be replaced. Vauxhall paid 70% of the cost. The matrix has just failed again at 64000 miles, cost £173 to replace. We are waiting to see whether the carpets need replacing again when/if they dry out; replacing them will be about £200.

Vauxhall say this failure history is fair wear and tear, and that there is no evidence of it being a common fault.

HJ says that heater matrix leaks might well be linked to the (highish) incidence of the water pump failing due to lack of water.

Has anybody else experienced heater matrix failures?
Re: Corsa Heater Matrix - Guy Lacey
VW Golf MkII's had a fault with serial failure of the heater matrix. A recall to VAG dealerships of all MkII Golfs to fit a pressure relief valve sorted the problem. Methinks replacing the matrix each time is not solving the root cause.

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