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saab turbo. - ladas are cool
i am starting to review my life, and i am thinking about getting a 1989 saab 9000 carlsson turbo, the seller wants £500, but the car has done 220000 miles, and is FSH, i know that the insurance is going to be murder, but you only live once, and the car has 190 bhp, so it must be worth getting. what do people think. also the car is on ebay auction if you want to see it, but please dont bid as i might be getting it (not that i can stop you).
Re: saab turbo. - dafydd tomos
go for it
Re: saab turbo. - Tomo
Front drive, though? And when something goes wrong?

But probably dafydd tomos is right; one can pass half a century or so very quickly waiting for everything to be exactly just so, and end up giving sound but miserable advice!
Re: saab turbo. - Dwight Van-Driver
Re: saab turbo. - ladas are cool
deleted by author request
Re: saab turbo. - Martyn [Back Room moderator]
Dwight Van-Driver wrote:

...some very offensive rubbish, which has caused offence to several contributors.

He followed that up by:
> ...........................................B.R.M.Martyn,
> sorry put 3 points on my Licence as I plead guilty. In
> mitigation it must be something I have caught off the L.A.C.
> site. I'll make an appointment with my trick cyclist pronto.

Three points is not enough, DVD. You go into the penalty square. If I have a repeat performance from you, you vanish. Pouf! OK?

Re: saab turbo. - ladas are cool
can you please cut out my response to DVD please martyn, as it look daft by its self :~)
You're on the wrong board! - Penport
As a devoted (and sadly now ex) Saab enthusiast I would recommend you check out
Brilliant Saab BB in the States which gave me loads of invauluable info during the years I owned a 900T.

BTW I got rid of it 'cos it was always costing me ££££ but entertainment value was awesome (when it worked).

At the price, FWIT I'd go for it.
Re: You're on the wrong board! - dafydd tomos has a checklist of what to look out for and also know a lot about them
Re: You're on the wrong board! - Dwight Van-Driver
Martyn (Back Room Moderator)

I accept, without question, your reprimand about the earlier entry.
It was incomprehensible of me to allow private thoughts to be typed and put on this public domain.
HJ, in his writings and in this site is known for excellence and I have no desire to tarnish this reputation.
You have proved that there are teeth in the Back Room and a willingness to bite which has been a salutory lesson to me and should be to others.

A contrite D.V.D.
Re: You're on the wrong board! - Martyn (Back Room moderator)
Well-said, DVD, and thank-you. Let's say nothing more about this.

Re: saab turbo. - Ben Chapman
I think the Carlson models had more than 190bhp. These cars can cause serious trouble, and cost money to fix. They are big heavy cars that dont handle very well. At that milleage and age the turbo is likely to be knackered. I recently took a turbo of a simlar Saab and it had almost self destructed. As the car had been run on mineral base oil, and it had completely degraded. The Turbo just dripped thick black sludge. We took it to a turbo specialist to ask about getting it repaired, and he said that apart from the casing it was scrap. Check for whine and white smoke. I would deffinately budget for a new turbo. Not may people would of bought a car like this to pootle around in. Unless its been run on good synthetic oil the engine may well need replacing as well. I would suggest that unless you are capable of doing work like this yourself, id stay clear of a car like this. Oh sorry, i forgot, you run your own garage.
The auto boxes pack up around this milleage as well.
However, with a bit of tuning, these cars can produce serious power. But in that heavy front drive car i cant see its worth it.

Re: saab turbo. - ROBIN
I thought they had more than 190 bhp too,and I dont think Martyn should call DVD a pouf either....
Quite like a little offensivity myself,so feel deprived at missing it.
I was under the,obviously mistaken ,impression that Saabs never wore out,they just bored their owners to death.
On inspecting my memory however I cannot recall having driven a turbo,so thats where I am obviously going wrong.......but surely they are still really,really reliable even then?

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