Security Codes - Terry Smith

My son has removed the battery from his Nova , and when replaced has found that the radio requires a security code.(which he hasn`t got)

He has tried to obtain this code from the previous owner and the local Vauxhall dealer , to no avail.

Can he sort out this code himself , or can it be sorted somewhere?

He is computer literate , so any technical answer should be understood.

Any suggestions welcomed..

( Or would it be cheaper to buy a new radio ?)

Thanks in advance.

Re: Security Codes - Andrew Scott
I may have an answer to this one, but to avoid an outbreak of radio thefts please contact me personally by e-mail

Re: Security Codes - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
I have a local chap who can sort out these codes. Look in Yellow Pages under car radio for someone local or email me for the name of my man. (Crawley, West Sussex)
Whether I was having my leg pulled I don't know but apparrently putting the radio in the freezer overnight can sort ther problem!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Security Codes - Tristan Chaize
I've tried the freezer trick. It did not work. You can get a radio de-coded for about £15 by looking in the adverts in Exchange and Mart.
Re: Security Codes - Terry Smith
Thanks for the freezer tip...I`m afraid it doesn`t work.

How does the thieving fraternity overcome this problem??
I can`t imagine they will pay £15/£25 to get it sorted, can you ??

Any further suggestions welcomed ( Via E-mail if necessary)

Re: Security Codes - Cliff Pope
I just rang up my Volvo agent and he gave me the code over the phone. He didn't even want to know who I was, just the registration number of the car.
So much for security.
Re: Security Codes - Andrew Bairsto
The most common codes are Ram and can be deleted by ultra violet light(also if you have a good enough deep freeze) ,available at most car audio shops ,they simply burn the old code out should be quick and cheap.
Also if the radio is original than the code is available from the
car manufactuer via the main agent if they say not there just being lazy .The best bet is to have the code removed. The last time it happened to me it cost 5 pounds
Re: Security Codes - John Slaughter
If it's the original Vauxhall radio the dealer can get the code. It may cost £6 for a 'Car Pass' though. That's what mine cost for a Corsa - the previos owner had lost the pass.


Re: Security Codes - Ian Aspinall
If it's the original factory-fitted Philips unit, try entering the code 1234. That's what they were set to when new, and few owners will have bothered to change it. Worked when I had the same problem on my Cavalier.

Don't make too many other guesses though - each wrong one causes the unit to lock up for an increasing length of time, as a security measure.

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