Bird s**t and paint - Andy P
The birds around here seem to have been breeding with an alien. I can to remove some bird droppings off my car only to find the paint had blistered slightly underneath.

First question, is there any way I can get rid of the blisters (it's pearlescent paint).

Second question, is there any wax/polish/stuff that can protect the paint against this kind of attack.

Third...anyone know where I can buy a machine gun...

Re: Bird s**t and paint - Peter M.
This happened to a friend at work - new Fiat Punto. The paint was badly marked, seemed to go right through to the undercoat. I think that the paint they use nowadays is acrylic (waterbased) not cellulose, and is affected by the acids in the droppings. (HJ reccomends AutoGlym, I seem to remember from the Q&A book.)
Re: Bird s**t and paint - me
falling fireworks dont do your paint much good either
Re: Bird s**t and paint - ladas are cool
if you want a machine gun look on or both of these websites are auctions, and you should be able to get an AK47.
Re: Bird s**t and paint - Marc
Not sure how to remove the blisters but protect your paintwork in future with Autoglym super resin and rinse the bird s**t off as soon as you notice it with lots of water (a watering can is good for this)
Re: Bird s**t and paint - Wicked
Best to carry a full watering can in your boot at all times, just in case. Can also be used to water roadside geraniums when stuck in queues.
Re: Bird s**t and paint - ladas are cool
the best thing to use is a 500ml bottle of water, try to get the sports drinking attachment as this gives the bottle a high pressure jet to clean the bird poop off.
Re: Bird s**t and paint - KB
Autoglym Super Resin followed by Extra Autoglym Gloss Protection.
Re: Bird s**t and paint - KB
Sorry, that should have read 'Autoglym Extra....' - not 'Extra Autoglym'
Re: Bird s**t and paint - Andy P
Thank all. I've got hold of some Autoglym and, weather permitting, I'll give it a try.

Bird s**t and paint - David Lacey
Repainting the panel is the only way to restore the original finish, especially if it has been left on any length of time, even more so with pearlescent paint finishes.


Re: Bird s**t and paint - THe Growler
Same problem here, allied to all kinds of filth from Manila "air" one of the world's most polluted cities. Autoglym works, also, after several resprays I was recommended to Polyglaze Diamond Finish followed by Polyglaze Glide-on Glaze. This is made in Oz so I am not sure if it's available in UK. It is excellent, appears tro form a hard coating, the poop doesn't seem to stick to it, and floats off fairly easily, as does the other muck. Several months after use, water still beads on the finish. Good for sun protection as well, obvious given its origin.
Re: Bird s**t and paint - markymarkn
The only problem with Autoglym is its like a weak T-Cut, try using a black cloth to buff the car with and you will see what i mean.

Have a look at - go to the online shop. This stuff is very nice. especially the stuff that costs over a grand a tub...

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