Cambelt Change - Peugeot 206 - Phil C
Has anybody got any ideas on the difficulty of changing the cambelt on a Pug 206 1.9 LX Diesel.

My work colleague is about to get hers changed and has a trustworthy, reliable mechanic who usually services the car.
However she is wondering whether he would be able to do the cambelt (ie. does the gearbox need dropping out etc.)?

If it does need to go to a garage any ideas on the length of time needed to undertake the job?


Re: Cambelt Change - Peugeot 206 - Andrew
Recently changed the cambelt in my 306 diesel. I have done one before in a 405. Took me 5 hours. Local garage recons with two mechanics on the job it can be done in about 2.
Its tight, very tight. No need to disturb the gearbox, thats at the other end. However you will need to remove offside engine mount and support the weight of the engine on a trolley jack. To gain access the engine has to be lowered, lifted, wedged forward depending what stage you are at.
The rear cam cover securing bolt takes some getting to as does the cambelt tensioner securing bolt. They have to be done by feel.
The hardest job was undoing the crankshaft pulley nut whilst trying to secure the flywheel on my own.
I would recommend read and understand the approriate Haynes manual before you start and have all the correct tools sourced especially the camshaft sprocket/fuel pump/ alignment tools. Bolts can be used for the first two but for the latter you can use an 8mm drill bit but you have to pull the starter motor away, again a special tool is available which is angled to get round the back of the starter motor in situ.
Is the car fitted with PAS and Air Con? If it is then this makes it even more complicated. Suggest you draw a diagram of the route of the auxillary divebelt before you take it off. Took me ages to fathom the tensioner for this belt as Mr Haynes made no reference to it. It moved by slackening a central bolt through the roller!
All depends on your level of ability and experience. If you get it wrong or cannot complete the job after you have started it will cost you a lot more than you save.

Re: Cambelt Change - Peugeot 206 - Andrew
Just read your thread again. Its not you thats going to get your hands dirty but some poor mechanic. Same applies though, it just depends how experienced the mechanic is and wether they have done the job before. You ca'nt beat experience!!!!!!.
Some of the full time mechanic contributors will be able to give you a better idea of labour times, I'm just an enthusiastic amateur.


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