Parking - yollaa
Help! my next door neighbour always brings their work van home, which does not bother me. What does is that they park it about 2-3cms away from my car. I need to be at work early on the mornings and several times i have been blocked in! What can I do? any suggestions would be greatfully recieved.
Parking - Mystic
I would say two options:

1. Go round and have a chat with him.
2. Park your car defensivley, i.e if you get blocked in on one side the space you've left on the other allows you to get out.

I would say 1 is best though.

Anyhows, thats my 2 cents.

Parking - Wales Forester
You don't say whether you get on with this neighbour or not.
The fact that you don't appear to have spoken directly to him/her in the first instance leads me to think that maybe you don't get on?

If you've been blocked in previously have you told the van driver this?
They may well be completely oblivious to the inconvenience they're causing you - it's not impossible, some people don't think when it comes to parking/driving etc.
Have you actually been blocked in making your exit impossible, or has it just made it awkward?

Is there a good reason why the van is being parked like this, are you taking up more room than is necessary to begin with, leaving the van driver with little option but to park as he/she is?

Whatever you do, make sure you're happy that you're not at fault before 'having a word' otherwise you may find that the situation could get worse rather than better.

Parking - Roger Jones
Further to PP's post, I would always approach these problems on the basis that the offending party is simply unaware. Say something like "I'm sure it's because you don't realize, but the parking of your van is causing a bit of a problem . . ." in the expectation that they will say something like "Oh gosh, I just didn't realize. So sorry." The number of people cosily on their own planets never ceases to amaze me.
Parking - Cliff Pope
I agree with what has been said. Try and talk in a friendly way before resorting to anything that might turn things sour. You could point out that you wouldn't normally mind, but you do regularly have to leave before he does, so could he leave just a bit more room please?

I once had a neighbour where all else failed. I often had to knock and ask him to move his car - typically he left a 2" space. Then I needed to leave at 3.00 am one morning. After getting him out in his pyjamas he never parked so close again.
Parking - volvoman
Tend to agree with the 'he probably doesn't realise he's doing it' school of thought here. As someone else said, there are loads of people who live in a world of their own - just look at how many people dump their trollies right in the middle of the aisle at the supermarket or stand having a chat in the middle of the pavement or in a doorway.
I doubt he's doing it to wind you up, why would he? Your main problem will come if he is one of the aforementioned because if he is, he'll probably require constant reminders and that will wind you up because you just can't understand why he still does it. You haven't described how you/he park and what other obstructions there may be so it's difficult to picture. Perhaps you could 'engineer' a situation in which you either do as Cliff did
{nice one Cliff:)} or just explain the difficulties you have, how early you have to start work and how much you don't want to have to bother him and his family at 3am. Good luck.

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