electrical problem - Pug 405td - duggie
came out of work last night and car (405td) wouldn\'t start, seemed like the battery was flat (6mths old) when you turn the key all the dash lights go out, had the car jump started and started to drive home, the heater fan kept coming on even though it was switched off, at the same time abs warning light would also come on, headlights would flicker, also noticed that when going over uneven roads the abs light would again come on. When l got home l turned car off and tried starting again, same as before, turning key just faded the dash lights, when l tried the central locking/immobiliser there was a continuous clicking noise coming from a small grey relay type unit under the glove box, l\'ll try a new battery today but this seems more than a dead battery problem, any ideas? lm at work until midday, so l\'ll have a few hours this afternoon to explore. Any advice please.
electrical problem - RobertH
i would say that it sounds like a relay as gone down to earth i would look at the relay that is clicking first and it sounds like the ignition relay is at fault
hope it helps
electrical problem - Peter D
I would start with the battery connections and the earth straps.

electrical problem - Altea Ego
In order of likely hood.

1/ Engine to body earth strap, check boths ends for good connection (happened to my 405 - it decided to earth through the wiring harness giving weird faults. From memory the engine strap was on the gearbox/block fixing bolt)

2/ Loose battery terminals

3/ Alternator going.

The clicking relay is probably a consequence of 1 or 2
electrical problem - LeePower

Does your 405 have those stupid plug in earth terminals on the loom?

If it does, cut them off & crimp on & solder some proper ring terminals.

What years is your 405?
electrical problem - jc
Chased a fault round my Mk.III Cortina for a time;it was not a bad connection on the lead to the starter but the cable did not make a good connection in the terminal.
electrical problem - duggie
Hi, thanks for the replies, l've just got in from work, the first thing l'll do is charge battery and check this grey unit behind the glove box, then check earth straps, lads at work suggest earth fault, the 405 is a 1996, if anyone has any more suggestions please reply. Cheers.
electrical problem - duggie
quick update, just changed batteries, car started first time, no clicking noises, would the battery cause the problems l had?? l'm not sure if something is slowly draining the battery is there a way of checking?
electrical problem - mfarrow
It may have just been a duff battery. My dad had a battery problem on his brand new Fiesta after 2 months ownership!
electrical problem - Cliff Pope
Of course simply changing the battery will inevitably have rectified any conductivity fault at the battery terminal end.
It would still be worth checking the other ends of the battery cables - you may just have jiggled them into working in the process of changing the battery.
electrical problem - duggie
took the old battery to kwik fit to be tested, told the battery was completely knackered wouldn't even take a charge, as l said the battery is only about 6mths old but now l can't find the receipt to take it back.
electrical problem - frostbite
l can't find the receipt to take it back.


You *might* not need it - the battery should be date stamped somewhere, and if you have a helpful dealer........
electrical problem - glowplug
Had a simular problem with my 405 a couple of months ago. First I couldn't disarm the alarm/unlock the doors using the plip. Then when I finally did get inside and tried to start the engine relays clicked repeatedly. Changed battery and now everything is fine. I suppose the relays would click on and off as the voltage raised above/dropped below the operating level required.

Ah the joys of french electrics......

electrical problem - Altea Ego
Ah the joys of french electrics......

Oh come on - be fair, even french electrics need volts roughly at the correct level.
electrical problem - pienmash
had exactley the same prob on my 405td sorted the prob with a new battery then the power steering pump went,when i think about it i thought i might have killed the battery because the power steering pump pulley was loose and on its way out causing diff tension on the fan belt which also runs the alternator ,what do you guys recon??????????????
electrical problem - glowplug
Don't get me wrong I love my 405, I hope to afford 406 coupe diesel one day. As far as I'm concerned it's a car I like on it's merits, not status or image as with some other brands*. But parts of it's electrical system seem to work differently from day to day. It's almost as though it's controlled by a computer that's got emotional problems! LOL.

*Certain brands I would never buy/own because I don't like the associated image - boy racer, pimp, drug dealer, phallic, etc.
electrical problem - LeePower

Dont get a 406 unless you have a large wallet, the repairs cost a fortune!

a 406 cant touch a 405, even a base spec 405 for handling, Had a 405, traded it for a 406 that I kept for 6 months & couldnt live with the rubbish drive it offered, so that got traded for one of the last 405s made & enjoy ever corner in front of me. lol


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