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Tracking problem - Cavalier - welshy
Had the tracking checked and adjusted 2 weeks ago on a Cavalier ( 1994 year ) and the steering has gone of centre again . Went back to the garage to have them check it again , and did confirm it was out again , they couldnt understand why though . So now they have redone the tracking once again free of charge , but want me to come back in a week to see if its still inline . They are saying that the power steering rack may be at fault , can anyone shed any light on this subject please , before it starts costing me and arm and a leg .
Tracking problem - Civic8
You didnt say how much it was out.I doubt power steering would make any difference ie if play is in track rod ball joint would notice on rocking steering wheel.and so would track rod ends.if no noticeable play on steering wheel and steering not knocking.would think possibly suspension prob.maybe bottom wishbone bushes.just a thought may be wrong?.

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