Peugeot Servicing Cost - graham12
My Peugeot 307 HDI (02 reg) has just had it's 24k service at a local main dealer and they charged £480, which seems very expensive to me.

This included replacement of all brake pads, which came to around £200 of the bill even though they had quoted £109 when they called me to say they were worn. When I queried the price for the pads, they said it was an error on the part of the person that had phoned me and that it was 1.5 hours work, hence the cost.

Everything else was routine.

Have main dealer labour rates recently gone through the roof or was I ripped off?

Needless to say I will be looking for an independent once the warranty has expired.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - Armitage Shanks{P}
Front AND rear brake pads at 24K miles! You must drive very hard! It will be a set of tyres next! Seriously, I thought Peugeot did a menu service price plus parts; what you say just means that the parts are expensive, I don't think the basic service is too pricey,
Peugeot Servicing Cost - graham12
Labour was £175 for the service and £120 for the pads. I've only had the car since around 14k miles, it was Peugeot owned previously. It's driven pretty gently - I was quite surprised when they told me all pads were worn.

The rear tyres will need replacing in the next 4k miles (I presume they used to be on the front).

My main thought was that £295 for labour was excessive.

They also put a 1 litre can of oil on the passenger seat to "keep for top-ups" and charged me £7 for it.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - madf
Hmmm sounds like a rippppppppppppppp offffffffffffff to me..

Ask to see the old pads.. you did didn't you?

Has it a low pad warning light? Was it on?

Do you brake hard at stops?


Peugeot Servicing Cost - madf
and changing pads on most cars takes 30 mins a side if less than 2 years old. When older it's longer cos of the rust..


Peugeot Servicing Cost - Garethj
I found Pug servicing extortionate on our old 406 HDi, parts cost is very high, their labour rate was about £45/hour and the amount of hours for each job is generous.

A shame, because servicing on the 106 Rallye I had a few years earlier was ok.

Peugeot Servicing Cost - Andrew-T
graham - with service behaviour like this, find an alternative dealership if there is one. Presumably the receptionist lulled you with a pseudo-smile when the bill was presented?
Peugeot Servicing Cost - Victorbox
When my Cavalier was new, for the first 4 years it was serviced (every 9,000 miles) at the Vauxhall dealer from where it was purchased. Every service they replaced the front pads saying they couldn't risk them not making it to the next service. Since then, with non-dealer servicing, I've realised I can get 35,000 to 40,000 miles out of a set of front pads, so it is more than likely you are being ripped off in the same way. Stick it on the bill and hope you don't query it seems to be the main dealer motto.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - Wilco {P}
My 307 Estate had 24,000 service a month or two ago and the front pads were 50% worn - to get through fronts and rears in that time sounds a bit excessive?
Peugeot Servicing Cost - dieselhead
Replaced the front pads and disks on my 306 Diesel Turbo at 50k miles and 5yrs old. This wasn't because the pads were worn out but due to the brake discs wearing too thin and needing changing.
Replacing the pads took me about 20 mins per side - remove one bolt lift up caliper, push in piston slide new pads in very easy job on these because of the design. I imagine a peugeot mechanic doing them every day would take less.

Rear brake shoes also replaced at 50,000 when only half worn.

Also it's still on it's origonal Michelin tyres and it's done nearly 70,000 miles now (fronts needing replacing now). I know the 307 is heavier and has a litte more power but does look a bit suspect esp needing rear pads at such low mileage and age
Peugeot Servicing Cost - No Do$h
At 24,000 my (extremely heavy and woefully under-braked) 156JTD still had over 50% of the pads left. Let's just say I drive with enthusiasm.

You've been done.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - BobbyG
70000 miles on your first set of front tyres on a Turbo Diesel? Are you sure?
Peugeot Servicing Cost - dieselhead
yup checked them now and there is 2mm tread left on the front and 3mm on the back tyre. Should have made it clear that the wheels have been swapped front to back a couple of times. Exact mileage is 66,000.
Deffo the origonals i bought this car at 6 months old with 5k on the clock.
If i was keeping a car a long time i would put Michelins on it seem to be v hardwearing.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - Andrew-T
dh - I would agree about Michelins - wife's old 205 Dturbo did 51K on its original set, and looked likely to do the same or better on the second set when we sold at 87K. I think you have done unusually well on your 306 though.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - No Do$h
Are these Michelin Energy? I ask as Mrs ND will be needing new rubber on her "La Gooner*" soon.

(*It's red and the way she drives, it's always in front. It particularly amuses me to call it that as I'm a Gooner and she, being Dorset born and bred, naturally supports Man U)
Peugeot Servicing Cost - pugdriver
As you can guess from my name, I'm a Peugeot man, but I have yet to buy a new one (or a new anything) so I have always used independent garages for repairs and such.

The one I'm using now has a Citroen factory trained mechanic, and he uses genuine parts for repairs - this, I am assured, means that any Manufacturer's Warranty is still valid.

They charge £35 per hour, including a courtesy car, with collection from and delivery to my house. Now I call that a good deal. You don't always have to use the franchised dealer.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - graham12
Thanks for all the replies.

They picked the car up and dropped it off at my work, so I didn't see the receptionist's smile to be lulled. A mechanic called me with the bill before they drove it to my work. They were already an hour later than they had promised, so I didn't think to ask to see the original pads (I wanted to get home).

They told me the pads were a 1.5 hour job, so their labour rate must be around the £80 per hour mark. They're not even in central london (suburbs)!

I don't brake hard or drive that fast, although the fact that it nearly needs 2 new tyres might indicate it was driven hard by the garage that owned it before.

Servicing of all my previous cars was never this expensive (I've been through 15 in 12 years!)

The next service will probably be outside warranty, so I'll look for a good independent.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - Big_CDA
I have a two year old 406HDi, and was concerned to see the brake pad warning light on at 10,500 miles - I had heard that Pud brake pads wear quickly but...I suppose the point that the car has not been used for much distance driving so far, all round town hasn't helped. The car was bought about a year ago from a Pug Dealer, and has since been back to them for a recall (during which time it picked up several dents, that had to be subsequently fixed...)

But anyway, I called them mid afternoon on the friday, (I had a broken fog light to get changed as well), and they booked me in for the saturday morning (quite impressed at that). They called back an hour later to confirm that they had the light in stock etc, and also to say that their system was saying that there was about to be another recall on my car, this time for a potential radiator leak. Fixing this involved fitting a new radiator. OK I said, do it all at the same time. They said that all tree jobs on a saturday morning might be too much, but they would definitely do the brakes and recall.

They actually did it all, half an hour ahead of schedule. Service was excellent, and I had a couple of other questions and the staff immediately came out to my car and showed me the answers, without any prompting.

Costs inc VAT for the 4 pads on the front, and the fog light, and labour came to £208. I thought possibly a bit expensive, but then I know the fog light was at least £50 on its own.

I work in central london but live in kent, so the fact they could deal with it quickly and on a saturday was a real life saver.

I was also impressed to find that there were only 16 cars in the recall. I am not sure all car companies would do such a recall for 16 cars....(I think it was a slow corrosion issue rather than a burst in to flames type of issue).

Every time I have used them, I have had a follow up customer service letter asking if I was happy and for any comments.

Apart from the dents issue, which they fixed with minimal fuss, I am impressed. It may not be the cheapest service but...

I write this essy (sorry....) as I feel that as everyone (including me) is very quick to complain about problems at
main dealers, and so it is only fair to acknowledge good service as well.

As always, it just depends on the dealer concerned.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - Andrew-T
=As always, it just depends on the dealer concerned.= Absolutely, CDA. It's always easy to generalise about "Peugeot dealers" or anything else, and perhaps even easier after hearing a few other similar tales on this chatroom. The service you get is usually down to the management of the place. Same applies to tyre fitters, etc.

Similar argument applies to those unlucky enough to own a lemon car, and then say "never buy one again". Extrapolating from a sample of one.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - Graham
Hang on a minute!

What is their definition of a quotation then? If they "quoted" £109 then that is what you should pay! It was a quotation not an estimate!

BTW I pay £20 for all shoes on the landrover. Plus VAT of course and do them myself. Ha and you lot think a Landrover is expensive!
Peugeot Servicing Cost - carl_a
My dads 52 Reg Corolla 20K main dealer service just cost £130 (no brake pads needed here). So this Pug servicing seems a bit on the high side.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - Ian D

I think you have been ripped off...

1) the next time they say all the brake pads need replacing ask for the old pads back and ask for an explantion as to how they have worn out so quickly
2) you can be forgiven for saying go ahead with a quote of £109, but you should not have paid more due to some half-baked excuse about an error, and as been said a quote is a quote
3) as soon as you can go to an independent for servicing

Peugeot Servicing Cost - graham12

If I'd thought about it at the time I would have asked for the pads back or at least for an explanation of the wear. I trusted them because they had been recommended by a friend (who is now unlikely to use them again!) They were abrupt when I questioned the price of the pads.

It's a shame that you can't even trust a garage that has been recommended to you. How do I know that they did the work they said they did? Without marking or inspecting parts before the service, I suppose you never know. By the time you've done this you may as well have serviced the car yourself (except the warranty wouldn't remain intact).

I think the only way is if you find a garage you can trust, stick with them.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - AdrianM

Pleeease tell me you live near Portsmouth and then the name of your mechanic. Looking for someone trustworthy and value-for-money to look after my 406hdi.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - Andrew-T
graham - you should be able to tell if new pads have been fitted - they look new and shiny (but not for long) and they are probably visible without taking a front wheel off.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - graham12
From what I can see the rears look fairly new. I can't really see the fronts through the wheel since the calipers are large.

A friend I work with has just had his 406 TDI serviced there (before I could warn him) and they charged him £350 (it was an 80k service) with another £350 to have his cambelt done next week. All was routine work.

Does anyone know of a good independent in the South London area where he can have his cambelt done?
Peugeot Servicing Cost - MS
My Peugeot 307sw 24K service at a main dealer cost £105

Peugeot Servicing Cost - Betkitcar

Where abouts are you in the UK? As a pensioner I could use a mechanic at £35 an hour!!

Would even consider driving several miles and still save 100's!

Peugeot Servicing Cost - Armstrong Sid

Where abouts are you in the UK? As a pensioner I could use a mechanic at £35 an hour!!

Would even consider driving several miles and still save 100's!

Wherever that person is, you have responded to a message which was posted seven years ago.

I suspect prices have gone up a bit since then

Peugeot Servicing Cost - Peter
On the subject of front brake pads, on my Mitsubishi Carisma FWIW, my pads were changed for the first time at 45K, on every 9K service after that I checked them and at 121K they finally failed and I changed them.

At 45K they were changed by the main dealer, I did notice when I removed them for a looksee at 79K that there were three different makes of pad fitted and none bore the mark of the main dealer. Luckily I did not pay for this original work but it does make you think.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - PhilW
"£350 to have his cambelt done next week"
We have just booked my wife's Xantia HDi (same engine) in at a local independent for a 72k service. At that mileage we reckoned a new cambelt would be a good idea. Guy quoted £130 (for the cambelt on top of service charge). I will let you know if it changes to £350 when we get the bill!
Also find it strange that Graham12 needed front and back pads changing at same time and after only 24k. Having owned various high mileage Xantias my impression was that the rear pads lasted virtually for ever. They would surely last much longer than the fronts anyway.
Trouble is, with a garage on the fiddle, even if you ask for the old parts they would probably find a couple of ancient worn rear pads in a bin and claim they were yours!
Only solution I suppose is to find a good local independent where you can trust them and/or you can wander in a see them doing the job. Not as easy as it sounds.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - BrianW
Took my 405 in for a service last week (Pug main dealer).
They rang and said the front discs needed replacing at a cost of about £205.
When I queried that they were replaced by them all that long ago (I was at work so didn't have exact details) they looked back on their service records, found that it was November 2001, checked in the workshop and said that maybe they didn't need doing quite yet.
Now, either they did need doing or didn't, surely there's no halfway mark?
Original discs lasted 72k. Car usage hasn't changed so why should the replacements only go 18k?
Peugeot Servicing Cost - madf
Many garages are honest.. but many are just money grabbing screw the motorists chancers..

If you have any doubts on brake pads,
1. check before a service.. a quick grovel under the front of the car is usually all that is needed.
2. Mark the steel backing of the pad with a small (emphasis on small) piece of white paint. Then when they claim to have changed the pads.. and you ask to see the old ones.. no doubt in your mind as to what you are seeing.

Anone charging over £300 to service a run of the mill car without doing loadsofwork is a ripoff merchant.. imo.

And over £250 to change a cambelt is Audi A4 territory (which by definition is ripoff territory ) :-(


Peugeot Servicing Cost - machika
As I understand it from my time in the construction industry (also full of rip-off merchants), a quote is not the same as an estimate. If you are quoted a price for a job, it should not change.

Our Xantia has been serviced by the same independent garage for seven years and we have never been subjected to inflated prices, after being given a quote, even when it has taken him longer to do a job than he estimated.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - SjB {P}
I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
Storm Autos, near Witney, Oxon, a Pug service indy.
Web site ( ) is out of date, but the e-mail link from it works fine.

Great service, a conscientous and caring attitude to their customers, and extremely well priced. Have no intention of taking SWMBO's 306 anywhere else.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - hxj

Phew! that was a close shave then, so my vauxhall cambelt, rollers & tensioners at £246 was a really good deal then!
Peugeot Servicing Cost - DavidHM
That all depends - on a V6 Omega, probably. On a 1.6 Cav, not remotely.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - smokie
Cambelt kit for MV6 was £194 recently. Fitting extra.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - graham12
Does anybody know of a good independent in the Mitcham area where my friend can get his 406's cambelt done? He wants to avoid paying £350 at the main dealer, but is concerned as his car is over 80k now and he doesn't want it to snap.
Peugeot Servicing Cost - Glutton
Is Tooting too far? Carpenters (in the Good Garage Guide here) are very reasonable and very courteous.

Value my car