lexus LS400 - Steve
I am thinking of buying a 98 mark 4 LS 400 with around 50 or 60k miles. What experiences are there out there; what is the cost of servicing (repairs?) at lexus dealers? What is the real mpg?
Re: lexus LS400 - ladas are cool
i dont know much about these cars, but expect 15 - 18 mpg, and servicing at a lexus main dealer is rather expensive, remember that this car is a 4.0 litre engine, and that if you are planning to keep the car for a long time, when it reaches about 12 years old it will be hard to sell, as people who want a luxury car will be wanting something newer, and people wanting an older car will want something smaller, so what i would do is buy a is200 or a gs300, you could also try to get a toyota camry or a toyota soarer, and de-badging it, as these cars are the same as lexus.
Re: lexus LS400 - Roger Jones
Good reasoning, but these cars are so damned good that if they are properly looked after they will surely have a continuing sub-classic and classic market. No doubt some things will go wrong, but the reliability statistics are very impressive and that says something about the cost of ownership, servicing costs notwithstanding. There's a lot to be said for owning a premium car for a long time and taking good care of it, given the satisfaction they offer (as did my more modest Audi 100 for ten years). For what it's worth, I'm getting 26 mpg out of my 3.2 litre M-B.
Re: lexus LS400 - Steve
Thanks for the response; but as you say you don't know much about these cars - so on what basis do you think 15 - 18 mpg; I was hoping for quite a bit more than this and given that I do 20+ k miles pa this would be painful on the wallet!
Re: lexus LS400 - ladas are cool
my dad had a 24 hour test drive for this car in 1996, and he only managed to get about 18 mpg at best, he now has a audi A4 1.8T, he has to be seen in a good car as he is a senior IT business solutions manager, on about £85.000 per annum.
Re: lexus LS400 - Jonathan
I can't belive a senior business solutions manager on £85,000 pa would allow his son to drive a lada, surely that would do his 'image' no good at all.


Re: lexus LS400 - Darcy Kitchin
But he doesn't drive a Lada because of shortage of money, he drives it because it is heavily modified and it is cool.

Re: lexus LS400 - ladas are cool
i am the rebel without a clue??
Re: lexus LS400 - andy bairsto
In the Auto Bild 100000km test they found no problems with car only some minor trim problems .The also said the build quality was excellent the only down side was a little corrosion on the exhaust and I believe they can be quite expensive.I have looked for a second hand one my self but they are like rocking horse s--t in Germany people must keep hold of them.
Re: lexus LS400 - honest john
The only downside of the 5-speed 280bhp Lexus LS400 to drive is its completely feel-free power steering. I'd hate to hit some black ice in one.

Re: lexus LS400 - C.QUINN
I've run a 1995 LS400 for two and a half years covering around 45k miles . my average,however the servicing at a Lexus approved Toyota dealer is working out cheaper than on my previous B.M.W.5 2.5TDS.serviced
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