Daewoo Nexia - Darcy Kitchin
My stepmother has an unmarked '99 T-plate Daewoo Nexia with 12.5K miles on it which she thinks is too big (!). She would like to change it for a Toyota Yaris now that the free servicing Daewoo Deal is about to run out. My opinion is that at 12.5K miles, it's barely done a tenth of its potential mileage, and would be worth buttons against a Yaris, it being flavour of the month and a current model. Being a "better the devil you know" sort of chap, I've recommended that she keep it, form a relationship with a friendly local garage and run it for another 3-4 years. I've read the car-by-car stuff about changing the brake fluid.

Any comments from the Back Room?
Re: Daewoo Nexia - mike harvey
Darcy, I think the logical and sensible thing is exactly as you say, but, If your Mum does not feel comfortable because of it's size, and if She can afford it, she'll change it! I think you will lose. Never did win a logical argument with my Mum.
Re: Daewoo Nexia - David W
Hello Darcy, how are things?

Funny you should mention this because I had a new customer yesterday with a 1996 Nexia for a yearly service. One owner since new and immaculate condition. Full service history (but only one service a year) and now shows a genuine 25,000 miles.

In many respects it looks and drives like a new car. It has air-con, abs, air bag, electric windows, electric sunroof etc etc.

I have advised the owner to have the timing belt done on a time basis asap and catch up with coolant and brake fluid changes.

There is a small leak from the sump gasket and a tiny bit of rust on one door from a scrape repaired with touch-up.

Actually it drives in a willing smooth way so, like you, what can you say about changing it. This car is only worth about £1700 as a trade in so it would cost about £8-10,000 on top to get back to a similar car. Never worth it.

Your Nexia is worth about £2,500 as a trade in which is daft for a just run in car.

I'm not a great fan of Daewoo, parts can be "odd" to source via Halfords and very costly. The Nexia (is yours the Astra shape like this one?) isn't the most up to date car for driving dynamics but ideal for the retired couple who I'm dealing with.

My vote is to keep, unless the Sister in law fancies it and they can do a deal!

Re: Daewoo Nexia - Tomo
Our daughter's mother-in-law (too late/ginned up to work out any neat phrase for that!) has had a Nexia for some years - no problems; she is muttering along the same lines and has identified the Matiz as a possible solution, presumably because said daughter and her hubby have done over 30k in one, and often come here in it though they have a Hyundai Evolution.

We had, as my wife's transport, yours truly as chauffeur, first an Espero (Cavalier dressed up) and then a Leganza (the one by Giugiaro, like a Maser), satnav and all. No questioning the utility and passenger amenity but chauffeur mutinied against the boredom. hence Proton GTi.

If smaller really needed, Matiz (I tried to upset one before OKing it!). Not as dull as you'd think, and you can get a lot into one. But in the present case I'd shout for the devil correction Nexia you know, in agreement with those above.
Re: Daewoo Nexia - honest john
Excellent advice from David W.

Re: Daewoo Nexia - Darcy Kitchin
Thanks for your input guys. I wonder if I'm going to get sweet-talked into changing the brake fluid with the famous Gunson Eezibleed?

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