C5 2.0 HPI - machika
Does anyone have any information about the 2.0 HPI that was an option in the C5 range for a short while. I have been told it may have been sourced from Mitsubishi but I really am not sure of its origins. Does anyone know why it was dropped from the range, and whether or not there were any problems with it?

I know that at the time it was discontinued, this model was very heavily discounted, even when taking to account the big discounts on C5s already. I have been to see an example of it at a local car supermarket and it looks super. However, when it was ticking over after being started from cold, I thought it was a diesel, such was the rattle coming from it. The rattle soon disappeared and it then sounded like a ordinary, modern petrol engine, but it is worrying me somewhat. Does the high pressure injection cause the rattle when the engine is cold, or does the engine have very high compression? The local Citroen dealer can't help me out on that one.

It was very nice to drive and feels much lighter than our 2.2 HDI.
C5 2.0 HPI - Ben79
I believe the HPI engine was dropped due to misfiring and smoothness issues.

Yes, you can get a 2.0 HPI exec for the price of the bottom of the range diesel, but I have read about some HPI with incurable problems.

You have a 2.2 HDI which is a fantastic engine, just the 2.2 weighs 1485kg, whereas the 2.0 HPI weighs 1325kg.

Consider getting your 2.2 chipped or a plug on box.

The HPI also responds best to super unleaded, I believe the engine design is unique to PeugeotCitroen.
C5 2.0 HPI - machika
Do you have any details of these incurable problems and what does the chip/plug on box do? What kind of price are we looking at for these additions and would it affect the warranty?

Do you know if PSA Group have dropped this engine completely? I am concerned about the noise the engine was making when it was cold. It was very quiet and smooth when it warmed up, which didn't take very long.

C5 2.0 HPI - Ben79

The best source of info for HPI problems is the C5-L Yahoo Group autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/C5-L/

I'd also ask the dealers service dept if the HPI engines give more trouble than the HDI ones.

While this does not constitute a recommendation, Alan the moderator of this site has a box fitted to his Alfa from www.dieselchiptuning.com/catalog/default.php The Alfa diesel system isn't too far removed from the one in the C5.

www.superchips.co.uk/what.html have been fitted by some Citroen dealers according to other forums. Dutton Forshaw Preston are reported to have superchipped their sales managers C5. (Source - www.citroenpicasso.org.uk/)

I am considering chipping my 2.0 HDI 110, but as I am only 24, will face an increased insurance premium as well.

There are many threads on here about chipping diesels, use the search function on the right hand side of the screen.

C5 2.0 HPI - machika
Is the information on chipping diesels relevant to the HPI engine, which is a petrol engine after all?

Thank you very much for all of the information you have provided.
C5 2.0 HPI - Ben79
www.tdperformance.co.uk do an upgrade for the HPI engine, quoted at 14bhp and 23lb/ft increases.


Petrol TD Box

This product is designed for:
Citroen C5 2.0 HPI
with a standard BHP of 143

This box is a microprocessor, which requires piggyback style installation to the loom from the ecu. Power increases are achieved through the alteration of the fuelling, ignition timing and also boost pressure in turbo vehicles.

I thought you were trying to get your 2.2 feeling livlier that was why I posted the diesel stuff.

C5 2.0 HPI - machika
Sorry for the confusion, I didn't realise you were referring to the 2.2 HDI. What kind of power increases can be achieved with that engine? What would it cost approximately?


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