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New Astra, any Problems?? - Roy
I'm taking delivery of a brand new (new shape) Astra. 1.6 SXI

Has anybody had any problems that could have been avoided with a bit of pre-warning.

eg reading in Honest Johns column that the Renault Scenics have their Air Con pumps near the front skirt vents, ie right in line for flying stones to smash the casing. Someone rectified this by putting mesh at the rear of the vent.

You get my drift??

Cheers All,

As a reward... my bestest joke,

There was this woman who goes to the Doc's.
Says Doctor I have terrible problem with wind.

doc says. mmmm??

She says, the saving grace, is that they dont smell, and the are silent.

Doc; mmm??

She says in fact Doctor, i'll let you into a little secret, I must have passed wind 20- 25 times since I've been sat in your surgery.

Doc; mmm? take these tablets and come back in a week,

She obliges and goes back, says Doctor all those tablets seem to have done is make them smell terrible,

Doctor Says, well that's the sinuses sorted, now lets work on the deafness.

Ha Ha....

Ask Honest John Right column

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