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Why does the Car-by-car breakdown page not work correctly? When I put in a make of car the drop down menu works ok, so I put in say Toyota, the model menu however will only show the Avensis. I click on show and the Avensis comes up, but the model menu now expands to show all of the Toyota range so then I can click the model I really want to look at. It happens for all makes on the first time I open the Car-by-car breakdown page. I know its not a lot, but it would be easier if it opened the model menu in total first time. I use Communicator 4.7.


Re: Car-by-car breakdown - David W
Hello Bill,

With IE5.5 it seems to work OK for me.

After selecting Toyota from the pop-up menu I get the box with Avensis as default but there is an arrow to the right of Avensis which pops up the menu for all models, I then select the one wanted before clicking show.

Re: Car-by-car breakdown - Bill Doodson
Nope click the arrow and I only get one choice of car. Must be communicator issue.


Re: Car-by-car breakdown - honest john
I just checked and found as per David W. Martyn will look into Bill's problem with Communicator 4.7 on Monday.

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Ditch Communicator. Many sites don't work properly with it (including mine!), and as a side issue, I found that installing it scuppers both microsoft fax and Outlook, as the installation replaced some Microsoft files with Netscape versions.

I used to use it, but found the downsides unacceptable, so it's recently been removed.



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