women and diesels again - Carole Adams
Well. Turn my back for a minute and this is what we get. Just read it in time before it was lost in the Older Messages ether. And I'm damned if I'm letting this get lost in the same place.

For the record: I understood my diesel well enough. I drove it superbly. It wasn't me the other day who tried to drive a car without deactivating the immobiliser and insisted it wouldn't start, it was my son. It was me, however, who sorted out all the problems with my current car because I knew when I was being spun a line, and asked all the right questions. So there.

Don't do it again. I'm watching you.
Re: women and diesels again - David W

Just had a quick look to see (nervously) if I'd posted on that thread, saved by non-participation again!

We've just retired Mary's old Turbo Diesel and kept it for spares as her "new" car is identical. Went to start it this week for the regular trip round the paddock (to keep it all moving) and was cross the battery went flat before it would go.

Wandering back to the house I remembered the very individual anti-theft cutout I fitted, a little more effective than I needed on this occasion!


PS: And I'm so clever the first time I posted this it was halfway down the original thread.
Re: women and diesels again - Mark (Brazil)
> PS: And I'm so clever the first time I posted this it was halfway down the original thread.

So how did you do that then ? And you're not counted as clever if you enlisted Martyn's help. On the off chance that you managed to wake him up, that is. Assuming you did speak to Martyn, did you ask him which version of phorum software we are using and why ?


p.s. I know, I know. The Line/This side/Other Side - I'm thinking of setting up camp there.
Re: women and diesels again - Stuart B
Phew, like David looked back to see what I had said on the earlier thread, fortunately nothing.

Carole, also I bet you drive it properly using the torque rather than revving the blazes out of it and wondering why nothing much happens after 4500 rpm other than a lot of noise.

Its just like the problem with the profiling thing, all Beemer drivers are thrusting execs, all Volvo drivers wear trilbies, all women can't park properly or read maps. All are equal, just some more equal than others.

Mind you on the subject of being a total wally, just had the computer equivelant of that old chestnut, I'll put it here so I know it will be safe and I won't forget where it is. A week later hunting high & low did I call it this, did I call it that? Now somebody explain to me the "logic" of saving a file with the wrong name extension? Beggared if I know! doh!
Re: women and diesels again - Brian
Stuart B
Just shows how the areas you drive through affects your perception.
In north London all Beemer drivers are young and highly suntanned with big sub-woofers in the boot, all Volvo drivers are orthodox Jewish.
I daren't comment on women in case the other half looks over my shoulder!
So there you go!
Re: women and diesels again - Miller
Humble apologies, to be honest I think I was cut up by a woman the day I made that post so was looking for some sort of revenge! Your all great drivers really! (oops... my cheek is sticking out again!)

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