Motoring TV tonight. - David Woollard
Tucked away in the schedules on Channel 4 at 9-10pm tonight is a programe "To drive for" (don't suppose it'll have Nicole Kidman). It is billed as a celebration of 50yrs (why 50yrs??) of motoring with early clips from the start of popular motoring.

If any good it ought to cover the formative period many of us here go back to (codgers all). And it follows Top Gear, possibly with less sideways/VBH action.

No posts on the forum 8.30-10.00 then?

Re: Motoring TV tonight. - Stuart B
Mind you David, the Dimmock twins are on beeb 1 at the time, so I guess the Lacey boys will be channel hopping!

only kidding guys
Re: Motoring TV tonight. - David
How wrong could I be? A Lotus Cortins sideways and enough VBH action for anyone!

Far too many people/celebs talking to camera and wasting the chance for good old footage.

Re: Motoring TV tonight. - Andy
What a waste! A typical shallow effort. Its chronological approach would have lent itself well to an in-depth 4 or 6 part series which could have taken a good look at motoring history and changing attitudes. Ah well.....

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