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One of my colleagues suffered a battery failure yesterday in his 95 Cavalier. He replaced the battery but as he bought the car second hand he has not got the radio codes - the radio model no. is SC303 .

Is there an easy or cheaper way to find the code than paying the main dealer an arm and a leg ?
Cavalier - Radio Codes - Dude - {P}
This used to be a free facility when I owned an SRi Cavalier, - just had to phone the local Main Dealer with the VIN number of the vehicle.
Cavalier - Radio Codes - Mapmaker
No experience, but I once found these people on the net who claim to decode for £8.50 if provided with a radio serial number.
Cavalier - Radio Codes - John S
Assuming it's the original radio, the code should be available from Vx. Won't be an arm and a leg, at most £10 for a new 'Car Pass'.


John S
Cavalier - Radio Codes - Dynamic Dave
Try pulling the stereo from the dash. It *might* have been repaired at some point in it's life, and if so, the usual trick is to write the code on it somewhere.
Cavalier - Radio Codes - Victorbox
He might need to pull the radio from the dash anyway. The last time I needed a "new" removable radio display replaced by Vauxhall under warranty (6 months ago) they wanted the vehicle chassis number & serial number of the radio (same as on the Pass Card) from the side of the radio before they would consider the warranty work.

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