Peugeot 205 Soft top - MarkS
Does anyone know where it's possible to get a replacement softtop for my wife's 205 CJ cabriolet? The main reason it needs replacing is the split in the rear plastic window. It happened when the roof was taken down during cold weather. I've been told just to replace the plastic rear window would cost a few hundred pounds. Surely (I could be wrong here) a whole roof would cost only a little more than that!!
Anyone have experience of this??
Re: Peugeot 205 Soft top - Ian Aspinall
Mark - assuming the split is too big to be repaired with clear tape (or you just don't want to bodge it like that!), then try Don Trimming in Birmingham (0121 373 1313). They supplied and fitted a decent-quality cloth hood to my Cavalier a couple of months ago for £376 all in, so I'm guessing that a 205 hood, being smaller, would be cheaper. They offer a supply-only service by mail order if you're nowhere near Brum and can fit it yourself or find a local trimmer to do it.

There's also Autohoods in Chessington, Surrey (020 8391 5324 / - no personal experience of them though.

Re: Peugeot 205 Soft top - David Woollard
And another avenue to try is a boat hood maker/repairer. They often charge about £75 for a well replaced window.

Re: Peugeot 205 Soft top - Marc
If you look in a mag like Practical Classics there should be a few ads for suppliers/manufacturers of soft tops. The price you've been quoted sounds quite high
Re: Peugeot 205 Soft top - Robin Hall
I have a friend who used a boat repairers in Evesham, Worcs and they did an excellent job of replacing the hood on her Rover - and I believe the final cost was below £400. If you need the number let me know - I know they replace windows as well.

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