New licence forms - helicopter
Having moved recently I decided to send off for one of the new drivers licences.

Seriously - It needs four different pieces of paper telling you how to fill in two separate forms.

It took me the best part of an hour to read and complete the forms and I reckon I'm pretty clued up.

The other thing is - the Post Office will check the forms are correct for you but they charge a fiver for the privilege.

I am also without my licence and passport for up to three weeks.

Why can't they make these things simple?
New licence forms - Wilco {P}
H - have to agree with you. I've just done the same and spent a happy few moments going through the INF1D "how to" booklet - all 18 pages of it.

My PO charged me £4 to do the check - thought this a better bet than risking my passport in the post or getting lost at the DVLA.

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