Renault Megane Airbag Light - trevrobwhite
I have just brought a second hand Megane, it has had a slight knock but in the side. The Airbag and seat retentioners are fine but the Airbag warning light will not go out, any ideas anyone??

I have tried disconnecting the battery for 30 mins and WD40 on the connections.

Renault Megane Airbag Light - Robin the Technician
This is a long shot but on Peugeots (French car) there is an inherant problem with the sensor harness's under both front seats. It's only a suggestion as i'm not 'au fait' with the renault. If there are harness plugs to the sensors in the seats, first unplug them and re-plug to make a good contact. If this makes a difference then the Peugeot fix is to cut out the offending harness plug and re-connect the wires like for like ie red to red etc.
Good luck with this and if it does fix the problem, do let me know as it helps with further enquiries of this nature.

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