Polo Brakes - killie

Changed the Front Pads on a 1998 1600cc Polo
Yesterday afternoon.

everything went fine till I drove the car their seems to be excessive brake travel before stopping.

Their doesn't appear to be any air in the system haven't lost any fluid.
So im wondering if the pads will eventually bed in and hopefully take up som of the slack.

Or is this common on Polos ?

Thanks for any advice.

Polo Brakes - Peter D
What state of wear was the disks in, Where they fairly flat and not too much of lip on them. HAve you fitted the right pads, How hard have you tried braking. Go out to a safe place and do a couple of emergency stops. If you don't like it don't drive it and invesigate the cause. Regards Peter
Polo Brakes - killie
Thanks for the advice.

The discs seemed to be in reasonable shape.
tried the emergency stop test last night no problem their.

The Car has drum brakes on the back which i haven't had a chance to check yet so im wondering if they might need adjusting.

This I think might compensate for the extra travel on the Pedal
just a thought.
Polo Brakes - Peter D
Did you have the excess travel before you changed the pads then. ??. Regards Peter
Polo Brakes - PoloGirl
Everyone who drives my 1996 polo says there is too much play in the brakes, but every mechanic I've ever asked about it says that that's a characteristic of polos...?

You get used to it, and it stops fine when you need it to! (Cue the obvious joke about mine *not* stopping quite in time on one occasion!)

Polo Brakes - Peter D
Hello PoloGirl, Compliments of the Season to you and your Polo.

You can check if it is the rear brakes that are not self adjusting properly Put the hand brake on a couple of notches then apply the foot brake to see if the free travel has been taken up.

Polo Brakes - killie
I'll give that a try.
was out today and the brakes are a bit better maybe i'm getting used to the excess travel or their starting to bed in to the discs.
Polo Brakes - DL
Sounds like they just want bedding in to me..
groups.msn.com/honestjohn/problems.msnw?Page=1 - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Polo Brakes - Civic8
Won`t hurt to get the back`s checked out as they are not usually checked.The self adjuster`s which are operated from handbrake sometimes sieze up.Not saying that is the case but would be wise to check out.Brake pads do need time to bed in.But as has been said before if the disc is not flat on both side`s the pad has to wear according to the disc surface.That will take several miles to do.Also the pad`s now and have been the same for year`s are hard enough to cause damage to disc.which means new pads take longer to bed in.
Polo Brakes - the conductor
i know this sounds stupid but have you fitted/been supplied the right thickness of front pads.
cars with solid discs have thicker pads than one with vented discs. this will give a longer pedal travel as there is more slack to take up.
Polo Brakes - kennybase
Stupid it may sound - but stupid it is not!!

I have a 97 Polo 1.6CL Saloon - went down to the local german parts company, gave them the model - took my pads away. Went to fit them - wrong type. Drive back to shop - with old pad to show which ones I want - got new pads. Went to fit them - there was no way they were going into that gap!! Phoned them up - 'ahh, you want the thinner version of that pad!' So off I went back to the shop to finally get the correct pad!

All work well now :-)

Polo Brakes - killie
The pads were bought from a company caled AVS not sure if their OEM parts but I contacted them with the engine No year of make engine sise and the they supplied the parts.

Bought a couple of other things at the same time fuel and oil filters etc they seem to be made by a company in Germany called FEBI never heard of them, but they seem to be reasonable quality. Still driving around and they do seem to be bedding in now.

Tried the trick of putting the hand brake on and checking the Pedal travel seems like I have to adjust the Back Drums tghis I hope will compensate for the excess travel
Polo Brakes - Peter D
If you are familiar with the rear drums or you have a manual you will learn that you can get at the adjuster by removing one of the wheels bolts. shine a torch and there is the spring load automatic adjuster. You normally lift this to assist in removing the drum but if you use a scriber into the hole you can press downward on this and get a couple of clicks out of the adjuster. Best done with the wheel jacked up and the hand brake must be off. Having said that I would, unless you know the history of the rear drums service, remove the drums inspect and clean all components and do not forget new split pins and correct wheels bearing adjustment. If you have done a lot of miles the adjust runs out of travel before the shoes are worn out. Happy Stoppings. Regards Peter
Polo Brakes - Peter D
Good afternoon Conductor whilst your observation regarding pad thickness is correct for some cars the theory of foot brake travel and pad thickness does not hold water. All that changes is the amount of fuid in the slave cylinder not the amount of travel, however it is important to ensure you fit the correct pads. Regards Peter
Polo Brakes - Dynamic Dave
i know this sounds stupid but have you fitted/been supplied the
right thickness of front pads.
cars with solid discs have thicker pads than one with vented
discs. this will give a longer pedal travel as there is
more slack to take up.

Scratches head. Er no. Otherwise as your pads wear down, the pedal would also travel further, which of course it doesn't. When you fit new pads, you press the pedal until the caliper pushes the piston out far enough for the pads to make contact with the discs. When you take your foot back off the pedal the piston doesn't fully retract back into the caliper again - it retracts only approx one millimeter. This retraction is caused by the square section 'o' ring pulling the piston slightly back after releasing the hydraulic pressure.
Polo Brakes - pmh
This is a timely reminder that advice (generally given in good faith) may be given by somebody with a dangerous lack of understanding of the subject. With primary safety issues this can be outright dangerous.
Generally the HJ BR has sufficient 'good guys' to quickly pick up on these points, but some other sites can be less than reliable.

Good to hear that bedding in seems to have reduced the pedal travel. Adjustment of the rear shoes should get you back to a more acceptable feel. I have been surprised in the past on what is fully acceptable as pedal travel to full time (mot)mechanics when I have not been very happy.

I have always found the earlier Polos to have a very poor pedal feel, although when pushed in anger(sorry) the brakes perform adequately. Richard W any comments?

pmh (was peter)


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