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I have a 48,000 VW Bora 2.0se,fsh,esr,cdmulti,climate,alloys etc and I am at the moment looking at vw dealers and brokers.
A vw dealer today was approx £700 more than the exact same vehicle on drive the deal.
I don't know if I am correct or not but I assume the vw dealer tried to get the price down as low as he could but reduced the part ex on my bora to compensate.

Does anyone have any advice that might be usefull to me, the part ex was for 2 months ahead as I want an O4 plate.
On parkers I should be getting £5,545 not including the above extra's.

Don't know what the best thing to do, like the idea of going to a dealer, just don't like him ripping me off with my part ex.
Part ex. - M.M

It all comes down to the actual trade-in figure offered. If you are confident of exceeding that in a private sale then go for a broker at maximum discount.

Do bear in mind that your old car will be "a year older" at the time the new car arrives and booked at less than current figures.

Also that often private cars will stick this time of year unless you pitch them at the trade-in figure, not the private sale figures which are ofetn unrealistic.

Last of all at some point it is worth going to the dealers just to save trouble. My personal opinion is that once the dealers get within £500 (price to change) of the cheapest broker offer it would be well worth thinking of going to them.

Often when I help folks buy cars we end up getting something private where the guy took a chance on not trading in to get a better deal and then finds selling at the Parkers private guide price is not so easy.

One a while back was where the owner didn't trade in to save £500 on his new car, and because he was"insulted" by the trade-in offer of £1200. So he put his old car up at £1600 advised by Parkers for a private sale. It stuck and stuck with him reducing the price each week but never finding a buyer. The advertising costs mounted up and after a month the tax ran out so no-one could legally test drive it. Then he had it over Christmas/New year so it lost value in the guides by the year turning.

It was sitting on the grass outside his nice house and annoying the neighbours. Eventually we bought it for £700!

It isn't always that bad but that has to be a risk in the back of your mind.


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