Around the world in 80 days - Kamil Shaidarov
Hi! We are russian family team "Adventurers" and doing well with our motorhome Fiat Ducato Caravan. We are in Lissabon right now and going to set up a new Guinness record on the matter of the age of team members. They are our daughter Lia of 9 and son Amir of 10 years old. Is it interesting to chat about?
Looking forward for your comments...
Re: Around the world in 80 days - Mark (Brazil)

Yes, I would be very interested in hearing your experiences.

Don't worry about the IP Address showing on "your" note, it is showing the correct e-mail address for you.

So where have you been so far ?

Re: Around the world in 80 days - mike harvey
Yes keep us informed. I should imagine your'e heading north from Lisbon if you've come from Russia. The Pyranees can be a good climb! Good luck.
Re: Around the world in 80 days - John Davis
Hello Kamil,
Yes, what you are doing would, I should think, interest a lot of people and many of us will probably say " I should be doing that ". However, let us know how you get on, the more contacts you have around the world, the better it will be. Will you be visiting the UK ?
Re: Around the world in 80 days - Darcy Kitchin
Good luck Kamil.

Nice to see someone with the conviction and guts to set off on a big journey like this.

How do you keep your children, amused/educated while travelling?

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