Rover 220GTI Electrics - DaveP
Hi, I have a 220 gti 1993 non turbo. The other morning i tried to start it but the battery was flat so i tried to jump it, nothing ?. After that only the lights, rear wiper, elect windows and fan works. There are no dash lights , no ignition lights or front wipers or rear heated window. All the fuses are ok.
Does anyone have any ideas ?????
Rover 220GTI Electrics - Mark (RLBS)
If the battery is that flat in can stop the car being started with jump leads or bump starting.

Take the battery off and get it tested - then either replace or recharge as appropriate. It may nto be the battery, but that is at least and easy and cheap place to start testing.
Rover 220GTI Electrics - solara
Hope your battery isn't open circuit. Otherwise you may have damaged the electronics when bump starting.
Personally, I would never advise bump starting a fuel injection car.
It will only be open circuit if you were getting no signs of voltage in the car, eg no dash lights working etc.
Good luck
Rover 220GTI Electrics - the conductor
i would say the main relay in the mfu is not working.
not sure if yours has seperate relays or an mfu but i would say main ign realay gone. had this on a 214 cabrio and it was caused by duff terminals. mounted in the right of engine bay above gearbox
Rover 220GTI Electrics - Civic8
If as you say lec windows and fan work won`t be a battery problem. Pos alternator fault or ignition relay. Not sure where it is on that car but is highly prabable.Does the fuel gauge work?
Rover 220GTI Electrics - Damocles
You say you've checked all the fuses. Does this include the fuses and fusible links in the engine compartment fusebox?
Rover 220GTI Electrics - Civic8
Apart from above could be the ignition switch.common on earlier 213/216 wedge shape
Rover 220GTI Electrics - AlanGowdy
Hi DaveP. I used to own an example of exactly that model. On the drive home late one evening I stopped for petrol. Up until that point the car had been behaving impeccably. I got back in after paying for the fuel, turned the key and..... nothing.
Not even the dullest of glows from the warning lights on the dash.

The nice man from the RAC arrived and started the car with his battery booster and I set off for home. Half a mile down the road it started to play up - hesitating and cutting out before it died on me again.
The same RAC man was summoned back.
He took me to an emergency late night supplier and I bought a new battery. After that - no problems.

Batteries DON'T last for ever and they DO just die without warning and just because the alternator is being driven by the engine don't assume that will keep you going.
Rover 220GTI Electrics - Civic8
That does not mean the battery is at fault. After the engine has started the alternator recharges the battery. And gives all power needed to any other equipment working at the time. if the alternator cannot cope it uses the battery as well to compensate for not being able to supply the given current needs for the car.This has been mentioned a few times getting the correct battery/alternator for the car makes all the difference

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