Replacing Pug 306 front body panel - solara
Anybody had to replace a front body panel for a Pug 306.
This is the underlying body panel to which the lights, grill and rad attach to.
No mention of it in the Haynes manual, but it is available as a seperate body panel.
I'm assuming it is a bolt-off/bolt-on job.
Any help/tips appreciated.
Replacing Pug 306 front body panel - solara
Thought this might be a one man thread.

For the benefit of anyone who may need to do it in the future...

Need to remove lights, grill,trim and bumper. Front Bumper is the most time consuming part, as the access to the three nuts on each side is very poor. Need to remove washer fluid bottle beforehand, which helps. Remove the two upper bolts adjacent to panels, and the bumper and front panel slides off.

Took me about 2-3 hrs to replace the front panel. The old panel has slide out studs which need to be inserted into the new panel. Also dont forget to route the bonnet catch through the new panel. Adjusting bonnet catch wasn't too difficult. However, I also needed to replace my bonnet, which was much trickier adjusting the hinges.

That should teach me not to write-it off again! Oh well the bonnets now ready for paint from a body shop, then I'll need to get a vehicle identity check from the DVLA.
Replacing Pug 306 front body panel - DL
Sorry! Not a body repair specialist myself but often find myself trying to find how to remove various Peugeot bumpers.....not should try a 406!
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