Should I go for the cheapest... - Ppaul
Nissan Primera 1.6 1995

I've been in this situation before.

If something needs replacing I shop around for the best prices and then usually go with the cheapest. However, it doesn't always prove to be cheapest in the long run. (The last time for a new radiator, it cost me fortune for a new head gasket & replacement of cooling system components =£500!!)

I need to replace my front dampers and Kwik-fit want c.£100 for supply & fitting inc vat (they are gas dampers btw) whereas my local garage who I trust to do a good job want c.£200.

Which one do I go for???

Should I go for the cheapest... - Hawesy1982
As the dampers, whilst being important to the use of your car, are not likely to take something else out with them if they fail, i personally would have no qualms about entrusting this work to Kwik Fit.

Agreed tho that larger, more skilled, technical jobs such as head gaskets should be done by someone who's expertise you trust.
Should I go for the cheapest... - DavidHM
At a car of this age and value, I would be inclined to go for the cheapest. On a good day, the car is worth £1k and there's little point in spending an extra 10% of that.

Failure may be an issue but as the car is eight years old, and premature failure or wear on front struts would be around the four years/40k mark, even the cheapest and nastiest, if fitted correctly (and it's not really rocket science or fast fits wouldn't bother) are likely to outlast the economic life of the car anyway.
Should I go for the cheapest... - mal
Was it Kwik Fit who said you needed new dampers?, enough said.
Should I go for the cheapest... - Derfel
I had some Kwik Fit dampers fitted to a high mileage Nissan and they were fine and in point of fact lasted considerably longer than the genuine items had.
Should I go for the cheapest... - PhilW
Yes, but were the originals actually worn out when they were replaced or only half way through their life span???
Should I go for the cheapest... - Derfel
Yes definitely worn out with obvious symptoms and a mate of mine who, at the time, was a Nissan mechanic at a main dealer, confirmed they were worn out. I know what you mean with fast fit establishments "cultivating the job" but have always found my local Kwik Fit to be OK.


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