TD Escort Battery Warning Light - elrikos
First off thanks to everyone for helping out with the 205 problem i also have. My Car (1994 escort 1.8td) has had a problem for a good few months now whereby on long journeys after about an hour the battery warning light would start to glow. it wouldn't come on full strength but would glow on and off. revs/gear made no difference and the fanbelt is definetly ok. found the the alternator wire (big thick red one) had rubbed through it's insulation and was intermittently earthing on the bodywork. cleared that up with insulation tape and zip ties to keep it out the way. the problem has recurred and has got significantly worse. it's now happening within 10 minutes of starting. i've checked the cable again and drawn a blank. all seems nice and insulated to me.
any ideas on what to check before i splash out on a new alternator (new brushes perhaps??)
TD Escort Battery Warning Light - DL
Your rectifier pack is going down.

You can replace it on itself but you are better off fitting a service-exchange unit with a decent warranty.

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TD Escort Battery Warning Light - Dynamic Dave
Check your connections to your battery are secure. I had a similar problem on a previous Cavalier i once owned. The greater the electrical load I demanded, the brighter the light would glow.

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