Recovery Organisations....Grrrrrrrrr.... - DL
A word of warning here.......

Be very, very wary about letting Mr Recovery Man replace ANY parts on your car in the event of a breakdown.

I speak from direct experience, last week.

Without going into too much detail, a customers 306 DT was proving difficult to start first they call the

I assume Mr 'Well-known recovery service' or an agent of theirs attends to the car at the customers home address, some 10 miles distant.

...Who promptly diagnose and replace a set of glow plugs.

Next day? No go.

On the blower to us, ranting and raving.

We get the car in, check the obvious. We assume the glow plugs are correct, remove the injectors and check them, OK, observe the glow plugs down through the open injector hole, yep, they're glowing OK.

Anyway, we spend quite some considerable time over the week doing this, checking that until I thought to myself - "Are those glowplugs correct for the car?"

Needless to say, a set of genuine (Beru!) Peugeot (Pt No 596203) glow plugs and all is well.

Do I have to say any more? Draw your own conclusions from that little story.......

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Recovery Organisations....Grrrrrrrrr.... - big davey
can\'t agree more, I can\'t recall a correct diagnossis from either deleted when brought into us, always do your own!!!!! it pays in the long run.

{No naming/shaming please}
Recovery Organisations....Grrrrrrrrr.... - DL
It would appear that they are encouraged to carry out a roadside repair or at least 'targetted to do so' thus these half-witted repairs......

It makes me they take good money off OUR cutomers for doing so!

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Recovery Organisations....Grrrrrrrrr.... - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
On the other hand they sometimes simply recover the car when an easy fix should have been possible.

I recall a customer of mine who endured a 6 hour relay trip, during a normal working day (so parts should not have been a problem) due to broken contact breaker spring not being daignosed on his Renault 5. This was one with the "transistor-assisted" points ignition, and as soon as they saw the "black box" and no spark it went on the truck !

Regards, Adam
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Recovery Organisations....Grrrrrrrrr.... - KevDGill
My best was when the recoverers came along when my mondeo wouldn't start on a slight slope and 'diagnosed' low fuel. OK it was quite low but it had been MUCH lower. He towed me up onto the flat and got it started and said I should go straight to a garage and fill up. He also said I'd need to get a new stop solenoid fitted as he'd 'had to break' the old one to get it off and had removed the middle so I'd have to stall the car to stop it. Made it to the petrol station and recovery man cleared off. Filled up and problem promptly came back. Rolled for ages trying to bump start it then phoned recoverers again. Different bloke turned up, slagged off the previous one for not having followed us far enough and worked out what the real problem was, then towed us home behind his transit.

Actual problem was a knackered fuel pump (could pump the hand primer all night and it didn't tension up - why the first monkey didn't spot that I don't know.) All credit to the second guy but I could have cheerfully punched the first one, who even drove away with a sarcastic comment about low fuel.

We've since changed recovery firms.

-- Kev


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