What is it with cranes on the road...... - Mobile Office

There is probably no real point to this subject but I guess I just need to get it off my chest....

I drive from North Wales to work in Oldham everyday and about 55 miles of my 62 mile journey is Motorway and is congested at the best of times. But always (really, always) on my journey in, I stumble accross Cranes doing about 25mph in the inside lane and causing terrific congest.

I encountered three this morning. One on the Runcorn Flyover M56, one on the M56/M60NE intersection and the final one near the Stockport Junction of the M60!!

My apologies in advance to any crane/jcb drivers on this forum but isn't it about time that these kind of vehicles were band from travelling at peak hours, or something along those lines....
What is it with cranes on the road...... - OldPeculiar
On Tuesday the M4 got slowed right down during morning rush hour by a military convoy (Why do those soft top lorries always drive at 50mph?). I closer inspection I realised that they all had the french flag on their numberplates..... Gah!! The French are invading!! (I guess it didn't make the news as they were heading towards Swindon:)

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