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Hi Guys

I have a W reg (2000) Vauxhall Astra 1.7 DTi with the Isuzu 16v engine. My engine management light came on whilst driving home from work last night and was wondering if there was any DIY test to read the fault codes rather than being stung for a price of a diagnostic by the dealer. I am still driving it as I don't have a choice with no alternative transport until the weekend, but there is no apparent loss of power.
I recall the paper clip method that I applied to my 1995 Cavalier once, but unsure whether its a valid test on the diesels or Astras.

Cheers in advance......
Vauxhall Fault Codes - Civic8
I am not certain of this but gather the fault code diagnostic`s
were removed from vauxhall`s from that year.Again am not sure.I stand corrected if wrong.let me know.
Vauxhall Fault Codes - GIM
Type in 'Vauxhall fault codes' on an internet search engine like
'google' or 'yahoo'.
Vauxhall Fault Codes - Civic8

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