53 or 04 reg. Does it matter? - Robbie
I've ordered a new car which is due in Feb or March, and yesterday I realised that there is a change in the registration in March, from 53 to 04. Anyway, I 'phoned the dealer and asked to have the vehicle registered for the 1st March or later, so that I will take delivery then, rather than in February.

Have I made a wise move, or do you think it makes no difference about the registration mark and date?

53 or 04 reg. Does it matter? - Roger Jones
I do wish the government had changed the whole numbering system to unhook it from the passage of time. Sadly, I guess there were too many interests vested in spurring the new-car market on a regular basis.

Anyway, if you take the view that I did when I last bought a car new, you won't care a hoot because you'll be keeping it long enough for it to matter very little when you dispose of it. But I know I am in a minority with that approach.
53 or 04 reg. Does it matter? - Robbie
I suppose I should have mentioned that I'm not concerned about the snob value of on 04 plate as I have a personalised number. I'm thinking that I might replace this car in three years and I don't want the dealer to knock a chunk off the part-ex value.
53 or 04 reg. Does it matter? - DavidHM
You'll probably find that the difference, at three years old, is something like £300 on a £10k car, probably not much more on a £20k car. It's not a huge amount of money, so if you need to rent a car, or can get a commensurately bigger discount by buying a 53, it's not worth waiting.

However, you may as well stick with your current car for the extra couple of weeks if that's all it going to cost you.

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