Diesel in 205 petrol engine. Won\'t start - maniac5
A friend put diesel into their petrol car.

Drained the tank, filled with a bit of petrol, drained that, then put REDEX and petrol in the car and left running for 20-30 mins. It was a bit coughy for a while then seemed ok.

Parked the car up at work and now it won\'t start - it\'ll turn over grand but that\'s it.

What the fix now? It\'s a 1990 205.

injectors/spark plugs/new car?
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If the cars got a carb, the fuels might have separated out in the float chamber. Not sure which sinks under which though :-)
Oops - Is the car dead? - Dynamic Dave
First thing I'd do is whip the plugs out and give 'em a scrub with a wire brush.
Oops - Is the car dead? - maniac5
Diesel floats on top of Petrol - Does he clean the carburettor out? If so - how?
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not sure if this will work...but...how about starting it with a squirt of something like "easystart" to get it running initially, then once going ,take it somewhere quiet and give it a really good blast-out for a while?.
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No, diesel doesn't float on petrol, it mixes in any proportion. Fresh petrol will rinse the diesel out if it can reach all of it.
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I'm far from an expert on this but diesel is a better lubricator than petrol so I wouldn't have thought that the injectors have come to any harm.

I wonder if there was diesel fuel still in the system when the car was started and this was drawn into the engine when trying to start up after parking? It probably wouldn't need much to wet the spark plugs and prevent firing.

You could try removing the spark plugs to give them a good clean (as DD said) and, whilst they are out, sniff the fumes coming out of the cylinders to see if they smell of petrol or diesel. If diesel, more bleeding is needed and/or the engine could be cranked over for a few minutes with the throttle held wide open to see if this will get some petrol through.
Oops - Is the car dead? - Dizzy {P}
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Someone else mentioned that a while ago. As and when I get the time I edit the car's make or model details into the subject header, but it would save me a lot of time if people were to do it in the first instance.

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Start the engine with Easystart and give it a good run. That'll cure it I reckon.

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Probably fouled plugs don't brush them put them in the oven at 200 degrees c for 1/2 hour, cool and refit use a little fuel or easystart to fire it but do not over rev it, if you suddenly ingest diesel you can blow a hole through a piston. Go for a 20 mile run or so and try that. Regards Peter
Diesel in 205 petrol engine. Won't start - Civic8
It is likely the fuel lines and carb have gotton clogged petrol and diesel don`t mix.but having said that You are more likely to get away with mixing if a diesel.But only in small amounts.Mix on petrol will cause a petrol to jelly up.A full cleanout will be required from petrol tank to carb/injector`s.Unless anyone knows different.
Diesel in 205 petrol engine. Won't start - Sooty Tailpipes
A carb jet won't spray the cold diesel if a slug of it is in there. try pumping the throttle some cars have a sort of primer-pump that gives a shot of fuel before the car has started, this may clear it.

An alternative would be to point an electric fan heater at the engine for half an hour, obviously do this safely, as its a potentially hazardous thing to do, make sure you're in the open to avoid a build up of fumes and dont get it too close so it melts plastic things! The heat will make the diesel easier to vapourise. You could also pipette a few drips of petrol in with the aircleaner off to help it start, or even an unlit blow torch has worked for me.

Good luck.
Diesel in 205 petrol engine. Won't start - Cliff Pope
I'd try that old cold-morning dodge of pouring a kettle of hot water over the inlet manifold, then using Easistart. After that, keep it running for as long a run as possible, and put more petrol in as soon as you can.
Change the oil and filter immediately. Neat unvapourised diesel will probably have run down the bores and contaminated the oil.
Hate to say this, but a driver did this to our old transit and it was a smoking lump ever after - the diluted oil must have wrecked the piston rings or bores in the first 10 minutes of running.
When you have got it sorted out, be prepared for early failure of rubber seals, diaphrams, pipes etc. Those made to stand petrol have different formulations from those for diesel.

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