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Peugeot 106 - Judge Justice Pickled-Onion
Golly Gosh

This is the most uncomfortable tacky little car I have ever driven I am 6'3" and there is no way I can get even remotely comfortable in one of these - take it away please have it made into baked bean tins or something.......

should be renamed a "discourtesy car"
Re: Peugeot 106 - budu
I find it an excellent car, nimble handling, zippy. It is however too small, even for my 6', but suits my 5'4" wife perfectly.
Re: Peugeot 106 - Cockle
Obviously Peugeot aiming for the smaller market then :-)

Re: Peugeot 106 - Judge Justice Pickled-Onion
Yes it might be ok if you're 5 foot 4 but I have no problem getting into other small cars - corsa, fiesta Polo, Punto, even the new Mini is much more roomy - I cannot understand why they release a vehicle on the market when it is only suitable for people of below average stature........

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