Banger, £3k or 3 year old? - Hawesy1982

The scenario is:

I've had enough of the constant niggling problems from my '95 M Peugeot 306 DTurbo, and im selling it. Decided.

It has 129,000 miles, and is in good nick otherwise, i can hide most of the other problems for the length of a test drive (Note: Please no-one on this site buy this car!)

I'm thinking it might be easier to get rid of as a p/x, as they might not check it out so stringently!

The options are:

1.Another car the same (i might have trouble explaining the reason for a direct replacement at the dealer tho)

2.A newer shape, £3k ish of the same prob R reg 100000 - with 1 year warranty a requirement

3.A 1.6 Escort, S reg 75000miles with a few toys

4.Some dirt cheap old banger with standard 3 months warranty

5.Or push the boat out and somehow afford a 3 yearold something

20 year-old male, so Pug group 5 insurance looks good over Escort group 7.
I like the power and handling of my current car.
I'm a student on a placement year, so i've got 7 months of 250miles a week commuting left, before going back to uni.

What do people recommend? I'm swaying from one extreme to the other at the moment!

Oh and what trade-in price would i likely get? Is £1800 realistic?
Banger, £3k or 3 year old? - OldPeculiar
Well my '96 AX 1.5D with 75K fetched £600 part ex. so I wouldn't be too hopefull of £1800 for your pug. (I had the same problem the AX was having all sorts of problems so I part exed it to get rid of the thing!) The bloke checking it drove it 8 feet backwards from the parking space then 8 feet forward back into the space!

The dealers all have a price book similar to the Parkers guide (but the part ex prices seem to be 10% lower then those in Parkers) For a good estimate of price check the part ex price in the Parkers guide and take 10% off - you should get that.

The important thing though is not the part ex price but the trade up price ie how much you have to pay to get your replacement - check HJ's car buying guides for a fuller explanation

Personally I wouldn't consider going to a dealer with much less than £3000 in my pocket. dealers have to make money and "cheap" cars generally have proportionaly more of the cost going into the dealers pocket.

In your situation I would go for the banger if your not going to be using it at uni, during my placement year I drove a twenty year old 1.3 escort that I got given for free between Bristol and Swindon every day - but of course you have to dispose of your current car another way then
Banger, £3k or 3 year old? - Andrew-T
Hawesy - my answers to your points, for what they are worth:

1 - any part-ex you make will include a dealer's profit, which will be several £'00, which may well cover the cost of fixing your niggling problems. And another car 'the same' will likely have its own set of niggles.
4 - so will a cheap banger with 3 months'.
2 - it's true that there are cars with 6-figure mileages which have a lot of life left, but those mileages often mean there will be problems to be sorted. A warranty MAY cover them, but don't rely on it. You will need to shop around carefully.

There isn't really much point in swapping one middle-aged high-miler for another, unless you really hate the car you've got, or it won't pass a MoT.
Banger, £3k or 3 year old? - flatfour
Get a 3 yr old ex. rep mobile, full s/h essential, then at least its still worth repairing, most of mine go back at 160k and one of the guys at the office buys it, they go on without any trouble for several years, the 160k is probably the same wear as 80k on a car thats been driven around town, eg. i never need a new exhaust and rarely a new battery, thats the fisrt thing to go when they retire to a few miles a day, theres no rust and the interior is spotless, the gearbox is just worn in as it spends most of the time fixed in fifth, the clutch will have been changed at 120k so still plenty of life.
Daewoo Nexia???? - Hawesy1982
Thanks for your replies everyone, i must say that i fully agree with flatfour in principle, the prices of 3yrold Mondeos are truly astonishing, but being 20 the insurance goes up at a rate of £130 a group from grp 5 up, so i really can't afford anything grp 7 at at most, and id rather not increase my current grp 5.

Now then, i've decided i just need 'a car' at the moment, ive had 6 months of fun in my DTurbo, now practicality is important. So, i flicked through autotrader and parkers, and found an unlikely successor:

'97 P reg
50,000 miles
Fairly reliable
1.5l 16v 90bhp Petrol engine
Aircon, ABS, PAS, full electrics
Group 5 insurance

All for £1200 - Sound good?


For that spec and that money i'm fully prepared to swallow my pride, along with my backwards-facing baseball cap!

Any comments on this car?

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