Peugeot 306 - Lights on Warning - Hairyharry
Mother left lights on the other day, result flat battery RAC call-out. Checking the car found warning sounds when using passenger door but not drivers door. Should it work on both doors or is this something Peugeot have missed on right-hand drive? Its a 1998 R-reg Diesel Turbo.
I would like to be sure before trying to find the fault - Remember all those DAF(T) trucks in the 80s whose cab lay to n/s because the factory put the extra leaf in the o/s spring for left-drive.
Peugeot 306 - Lights on Warning - Hawesy1982
Yes the warning tone should still work - mine does. Its likely to be a dodgy/dirty connection around the door hinge somewhere - i had this problem on my mums fiesta, i think it occurs on the drivers side more prominently because that door is used more.
Peugeot 306 - Lights on Warning - Crinkly Dave
Does the interior light come on if the driver's door is opened? If not, check the small switch in between the door hinges. This turns on the warning buzzer as well as the interior light.

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