Best buy.....Garage's perspective - joe
I have alway fancied buying something a bit special for peanuts, perhaps an old 7 series, an old e class, Audi A8, Jag, that sort of thing. Because of their complexity I know they depreciate like the clappers. Some of the second hand prices look like absurdly good value.I also know the flip side, their very complexity makes it more likely that one expensive problem can end up scrapping the car.

Lets say I have £5k, and I want to get as much luxury/toys/image that I can. I am not so concerned about age or mileage, and am completely unconcerned about resale. I am concerned about reliability and complexity.

What do people think? In particular, what do people in the trade think would be the best bet?
Best buy.....Garage's perspective - Phoenicks
GF's brother has a BMW 750i. 92/J Reg - 100k miles. Cost £3,500 - immaculate with full BMWSH. No problems whatsoever, loves it to bits, very refined, no rattles, 18mpg, £500 insurance per year, £100 per tyre, and about £300 to service at a BMW specialist. Highly recommended mode of transport.

Go for it. When cars get that cheap they wont depreciate that much more, plus parts get cheaper as they get older, and they dont cost huge amounts to service as theres no reason to use a main dealer.
Best buy.....Garage's perspective - joe
Now that's interesting. From previous threads, I had expected the 7 series to be the one car that I ought not touch with a barge pole (very complex, many electrical faults, poor cooling system, lack of parts availability).
Best buy.....Garage's perspective - Phoenicks
I suppose its just incidental experiences. People are sometimes more likely to come forward to complain than to praise...

Best buy.....Garage's perspective - THe Growler
Echo that. A pal of mine in Lincs has the same year/model. Bought it for chicken droppings as a second car, gentleman's transport, that kind of thing. He lent it to me last year for 4 days and it drove like a dream with the feeling it would go on for ever. I enjoyed every minute with it. His 19 year old daughter now rocks up to Uni in it every day (he has recently emigrated to the Philippines like me) and commands considerable respect as a result!

It was white which my pal said had something to do with the price he paid. As so many have said in these columns, he has a friendly local mechanic who does the needful at affordable prices. Last summer his Ball and Chain drove the family Galaxy to S. France and he followed in the 750. Effortless and completely painless was his description of the driving.


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