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Does anyone agree with me that manufacturers have reduced most of us from being drivers to being car operators.

Agreed that some innvoation is in the interests of improving safety for the less experienced motorist, but it seems to have detracted greatly from the "skill" required to drive.

Take your 18year old boy racer out of his new clio or corsa and stick him in a MkII escort from the late 70's see how far he travels on that B road before he gets a close up of the hedges.

I regularly see young guys braking through corners, or approaching corners too quickly knowing their ABS will 'safely' allow them to take off the excess speed on the way through. Or the same boy racer cornering with only one hand on the wheel.

Was recently in a friends motor which had more entertainment kit in it than there is in my living room. With so many on-board distractions it was easy to forget we were travelling at 70ish MPH.

Could the motoring mod-cons and safety intent technology actually be making motoring more dangerous????


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Drivers or car operators - Discuss - Sooty Tailpipes
We are heading for a global totalitarion dictatorship.
Personal transport is becoming a no-no.
Communal transport is being heralded as -as good as it gets - when its actually useless.
Traffic lights are being put up just to delay people, junctions are being turned into bottlenecks and painted red.
Ramps are installed in the carriageway at regular intervals.
Cameras monitor our movements, GATSO, SPECS, TRUVELO, ANPR, TRAFFICMASTER and the green ones.
Our cars are going to be forced to have GPS transponders.
Our cars will have ID chips disguised as number plates within a few years.
Manufacturers are working hard on brake by wire, steer by wire, we already have power by wire.
Cival-war proof PTZ CCTV is being installed all around what were once peaceful estates.
Have you noticed the proliferation of new antennas disguised as 'poles' going up in urban areas?
George Orwell was almost right.

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