Alfa v MINI! - Vansboy
Just looking at the prices listed to our right, here, now who on earth would by a used MINI for more £$£$ than a 147??

I don't believe the high residuals will be around forever on MINI, so why not have a better spec NEW car & save the cash!!??

I WOULD!!!!!

Alfa v MINI! - PR {P}
So would I!
Alfa v MINI! - No Do$h
(nods in agreement)
Alfa v MINI! - No Do$h
I shall have to let you have a spin in mine HJ. They seem to bolt the diesels together properly.
Alfa v MINI! - PAJ
I'm considering getting a new Mini Cooper as a second car. Although I could get a new replacement for my 3 year old Alfa 156 for the same money (when you add in all the Mini "extras" - aircon, CD player etc the Mini price is around £13500), I think I'll still go for the Mini. It'll certainly retain its value better than an Alfa. I imported my 2 litre 156 3 years ago for just over £14500 OTR - it's now worth less than £8000.
Alfa v MINI! - peterb
"MINIs keep daughters, girlfriends and mistresses happy"

It's kind of ironic, isn't it. Surely the best time to have an Alfa is when someone else is paying the repair bills!!

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