Poor Value BMW Part Ex? - ian
Well I may not want to hear the answers but I'd appreciate a vote on whether £5k for a late 97R 318ti auto compact with leather (28k miles) is a bad deal as a straight sale to a BM dealer. SWMBO didn't want the aggro/risk of a private sale, and I felt that I was unlikley to raise more than £5.5k privately at this time of year and maybe it would take weeks to do so.

I had ebay as a recommendation from a friendly MOT tester, reckoned it was much better than Autotrader as a way of selling cars. Has anybody had any joy from Ebay for selling.

Poor Value BMW Part Ex? - pd
Assuming it's not an SE, Glass's Consumer Values gives a figure of about £5890 for a trade-in.

If this is a straight sale then £5k is not very generous offer but not suprising. As you point out, it's not a great time of year to sell cars and that applies to the BMW dealer as much as it does privately.

Why don't you try ebay or Autotrader for a week and see what happens?
Poor Value BMW Part Ex? - Wales Forester
I would recommend trying Autotraders' 'Internet only' service, it's £15 for two weeks online advert with unlimited editing and a picture allowed.

I sold a van earlier this year within two days of placing the online advert, £15 well spent in my opinion.


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I felt that I was unlikley to raise more than £5.5k privately ..>>

1. Try Glass's valuation service button on the left.
2. Try HJ's free classifieds in the forum at
Poor Value BMW Part Ex? - DavidHM
A six year old car is not the kind that BMW dealers are likely to want to sell, to be honest, even with this low mileage and good spec, though a few might touch it.

If you want to place a car like this with the trade, you could get hold of a copy of AutoTrader or a free AutoExchange (the dead tree version) and see where the best place to go would be if you were to try and buy a car like this and see what they would give you for it.

It is quite likekly (but by no means certain) that the franchise is interested because they have someone who takes cars like this off them when they come in as part exchange and is hoping for a few hundred quid of profit from them.

Given that, I'd say that £5k isn't too bad a price from the franchise though, if they do retail it themselves, they'll be asking at least £6995.
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The Compact is not a particularly well-liked model. £5k is thus not too bad a price as a straight trade sale, you might get up as far as £5800 with a private sale. I've heard quite good reports of ebay (a trader friend of mine has used them to dispose of some 'cheap and cheerful' small cars). Might be worth giving it a try with a £4950 starting price?
Poor Value BMW Part Ex? - GTLK
Remarkably enough, I've sold more cars privately through Loot than I have throught Autotrader. Its also free.

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on the back of this thread, is Autotrader best place to sell an IS 200 privately?

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