rover 600 red key - smithy03
good evening all

i am looking at buying a rover 600 it is a 95 620si on a n plate all looks in reasonable order (receipts etc) but looking round on the web there is a mention of a red key(learning key?) but is the the case as far as i was aware rover did not go down the red key route,like fiat and ford.

any info on this and any other things to look out for would be greatly appreciated


rover 600 red key - ShereKhan
If it helps my Dad's 620 SLi 98R has a red key. As far I know they all came with a red key. Make sure you get the red key when you buy it.

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rover 600 red key - king arthur
Red keys were only from 1996 - cars identified by being badged "600" instead of "620", "623" etc.
rover 600 red key - smithy03
thanks king arthur that has confirmed my thoughts its a sept 95 on an n plate(so its a pre red key)

thanks again

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