snow chains. - chris watson
i will be spending christmas in scotland, so i was needing some snowchains (as i am taking the rear wheel drive lada, which is frightning to drive in the snow), so i bought a set, but the next door neighbour has given me his set, so if any body wants the ones that he gave me please let me know. these are FREE, but you will have to pay postage.
Oh dear. - Guy Lacey
Here we go again......
Re: Oh dear. - chris watson
if anybody wants them just say, these ARE available.
Re: snow chains. - Santa Claus

You've not been a very good boy this year, have you?

Having said that my 4WD sleigh could do with some extra traction this time.

What size tyres to these fit?

Would they fit on a Tonka, or matchbox/corgi?

Ho Ho Ho

Snowmobile - Chris
I have decided to cross the ice floes from Alaska to Russia by snowmobile for my Christmas hols. I bought a snowmobile for the purpose but my neighbour had ten huskies and a sled in his shed and gave them to me. Does anyone want the huskies and sled FREE for getting to work this winter? Your local butcher can supply you with cheap offal, so it's cheaper than buying petrol, but the dogs do howl a lot at night, and I've noticed that my youngest child is missing.

Re: snow chains. - Alvin Booth
Re; your proposed trip across the Baring straits I was wondering if you needed a partner/assistant. Someone who can improvise,technically proficient, and keep your spirits up with inane chatter.
No.....I wasn't volunteering myself but know just the man you need.

Re: snow chains. - Father Christmas
Re: snow chains. - BIG JOCK

What colour of anarak do you wear...? & do you own a thermos...
Re: snow chains. - vin
Why are you giving them away rather than giving them back to your neighbour? You want to watch out, or I'll tell him.

Welcome to Watson's World.

Re: snow chains. - chris watson
these are from his pug 205, and are for 14 inch wheels.

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