MkII golf - replace wing or rebuild? - Jimma
I have a MkII golf driver - 1991. It recently lost the wheel arch cover on the front passenger side revealing a fair amount of corrosion.

This extends right down to the plastic valance fixing which has been rotted out.

Ok, its not a structural problem but i want to get it sorted.

Do I rebuild the wing with fibreglass putty & zinc mesh - which I have never attempted before, or do I find a new wing and get it fitted at a garage?

The former would take a long time, so I would like to replace the wing, but my funds are shall we say - low.

How do I go about it?

Do I go to a wreckers yard?

Where can I find a suitable yard?

Will they be able to get the part off a car for me?

Can I just hand the wing in to a body specialist and they fit it?

What else do I need e.g. new arch moulding?

How much will parts + labour cost?

Any replies will be gratefully received.
MkII golf - replace wing or rebuild? - Big Vern
From memory the wing is bolted on as opposed to welded, I would try to source a good wing in the same colour from a scrapper and get it fitted. Even a similar colour wing is going to look better than anything you are going to attempt with filler. Also much less labour involved in bolting a wing on than all the prep, filling, sanding, painting of the old.

Good luck

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