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Yesterday (Sunday) during a shooping spree in Lakeside, a very kind member of society decided to try and steal my car, (a 1992 J Reg Ford Escort LX) by way of drilling and generally ruining the passenger side lock/key hole.

I noticed this when i got home and the car would not lock - the central locking would engage then unlock straight after. For those familiar with the central locking system it was as if trying to lock the car with one door open. After accusing the girlfriend f not closing her door properly i noticed the mess that is the key hole - a big hole, and the barrel has been bent upwards - as if its been drilled then something jammed in it and levered to bend it upwards.

Im counting my blessings that the car was still there for me to find, and that nothing was nicked from within. I can only assume they/he was disturbed as the radio face off was still in the glove box.

This does however leave me with a problem as the car doesnt lock properly - as mentioned above, turning the key to lock it only prompts it to unlock itself again.
However, after numerous door slamming/blue air moments i managed to get it to remain locked, however going round all the doors to make sure they were locked, when pulling on the passenger door handle the door opened and the central locking disengaged. The alarm/immobiliser remained on though (i realised this when the damn thing went off) - and would only turn off when turning the key in the drivers door. Im assuming this could be a reason why they didnt take the car.

Obviously this is not an ideal situation, and im goig to the garage when i get home from work to (hopefully)get it fixed but id like some advice of anyway i can sort this problem out short term until i can fix it propperly.


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Please Help. Escort Central Locking. - Dynamic Dave
Remove the passenger door trim and carefully pull back the plastic membrane (try not to tear it as this is a splash guard) Look at the lock mechanism to see if it's not aligned properly, ie, left partially in the locked / unlocked position as if the key was still in the lock.

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