Corsa Electrical Problem? - Bean74

Have been having lots of fun with my L reg Corsa 1.4. A week or so ago I noticed that the temp gauge was very high & looked in the radiator to see there was no water in it. I was going away onholiday so I thought I'd leave it until I got back to sort it out.

When I got back I filled the radiator up with water & tried to start the car. I turned the key and got absolutely no response - didn't even try to fire up. The radio wouldn't work & when I tried the central locking it only lifted the drivers side catch.

Left it a couple more days & my husband tried to jump start it. Agian we got in to the car by manually opening the drivers side. Once connected the car started fine - first time. Took it for a drive and got back. Tried to restart car and again dead as a dodo. Husband manually locked car but now we can't manually unlock it. Basically think car is conspiring against us!!

I am getting a new car soon & want to PX this one - so don't want to spend too much getting it fixed. Does anyone have a clue what might be up with it - and is it expesive!?


Corsa Electrical Problem? - Simon
Your battery is flat and/or knackered. Either charge it up with a battery charger or replace it with a new one.
Corsa Electrical Problem? - Dynamic Dave
Yep, Simon is probably correct. If the original battery, then it will have a small window on top that indicates the condition of the battery by the colour of the indicator.

Green = Good.
If has turned darker, eventually to black, then it requires charging.
If clear/yellow, then the electrolyte level in the battery is too low to allow further use, and should be renewed. Do Not attempt to charge, load or jump start when the indicator shows clear/yellow.

Oh, and as regards to the door lock, try a squirt of WD-40.

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