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My wifes Pug 405 TD Est has developed the following :

Stragne repetitive clicking sound (like somethings trying to rotate and won't catch properly) followed by failure of fan. It was a bit of a weak blast to begin with but now it's packed up altogether. The clicking seemed to be eminating from a housing (looks a bit like a cylindrical air filter housing behind the glove box. I could feel the clicking by putting my hand on the top of this cannister through the small gap passed the glove box.
Please can someone tell me :
What's the problem, how to fix it, what parts I need and how to get access to the problem or how to get the glove box out to gain accesss.

Many thanks
Please Don't let Kids Freeze - solara
Sounds like you have something obstructing your fan. Sorry cant help with 405 access. You might be able to see the fan motor housing, underneath the passenger footwell. Worth an open to see if you can find anything.
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It's the recirculation air valve - the button on your dash that you press when you drive past a field that has just had sewage sludge spread on it - operates a small servo-motor which drives a flap, thus recirculating or admitting fresh air to the cabin. The gears have stripped and the noise you hear are the gear teeth slipping.

The simple no ££ cure is to 'drive' the motor so that the flap is fully open to the 'fresh' setting and then promptly disconnect it - hey presto! No more noise for no cash. As you say, it is up behind the glovebox; the wiring connector takes some finding but it is there!

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Please Don't let Kids Freeze - mechanisedmyth
Let me get this right; The noise stops when the re-circulation button is activated so I'm not sure I understand why it's having difficulty opening the air vents when their already open. Also, howq do you get to the thing inside as I can't take the glove box out ? and what do I do when I get to the housing behind the glove box from where the irritating noise is comming from ?

Any hel would be appreciated...thanks

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