throw away Golf - robson
Mk3 16v ,57000 on the clock .Misfiring intermittently for the last 5 months ,now everytime car is used.
Misfire from cold after a mile or so ,especially around 3000rpm,seems to clear when taken through revs ,but never really sorts.Idle is rough and happens on the over run .
Misfire feels like the car wants to clear it`s throat,like rev limiter kicking in when throttle is held at 3000rpm.
Any ideas as it`s had every test done,Main dealer to dyno boys.
Any other V.W owners had similar.
Before it`s destined to the auction,and i`ve pulled out every last hair.
throw away Golf - Ian D
A friend of mine had similar trouble with a N reg 8v GTi, the local dealer changed all the ignition system usual bits (plugs/HT leads/distributor/rotor arm/coil?/) but no joy. As a long shot he changed the fuel filter and problem solved. If your plugs/leads etc are not at fault it may be worth a shot...
throw away Golf - Civic8
If fuel filter doe`s not help.Try checking all vaccum pipes and connections.This if one is split with cause it and as you`ve said it`s got worse over the month`s could be the problem.this is a common complaint.I have recently come accross one that had the head gasket blown between cylinders 1&2 which gave the same problems but would suggest checking pipes first good luck
throw away Golf - robson
Thanks for the reply.Coolant pressure test showed cylinders1,2,4 with 190 psi &number 3 with 185psi,said to be acceptable .Also fuel pressure test showed constant pressure even with missfire happening.
The vaccum was said to be low at the dyno centre but was told that 16v have a low reading,the pipe was replaced but still no joy.
Thanks for suggestion on fuel filter will try as last resort probably the cheapest option .Mine also had new ecu ,dizzy ,leads plugs and coil,how much !! main dealer as an act of good faith didn`t charge for labour or parts ,taken off if fault still there.But wanted to charge nearly 2 days labour to test wiring loom £1100 ouch,as last resort with no guarantee it would solve.
Still hoping.
throw away Golf - Civic8
I am not familiar with the golf.As I have come across several problems in the past with them and don`t actually like em.But have sorted a recent problem out with one but I would like to know the age of car ie what plate and as you have said 16 valve I assume it`s multi point injection.if so their may be a prob.With one injector.tis unlikely to be loom but I need more info
throw away Golf - robson
Cheers mech1,
Right Golf is a 97 `P` plate with 58000 miles.
The dyno centre are at a loss as everything reading o.k ,although when checked on roll-road it pointed to a H/T problem,so going to try new leads although a new set only 12 weeks old from G&S were tried,maybe duff?,sourcing VW leads to try.
When car is back will try fuel filter,have tried an injector cleaner sometime ago whilst misfire was actually intermittent.
TA Robby
throw away Golf - Civic8
Still sounds like it may be a vacuum pipe.
throw away Golf - Civic8
Sorry you say the vaccum was a bit low what pipe was replaced there is more than 1.If you check on the ecu there is a pipe which goe`s to the inlet manifold that is the advance and retard vaccum pipe as instead of having advance retard on a distributor it is built into ecu.there are several vaccum pipes under the bonnet all coming off the inlet manifold.It is unlikely a vaccum check will find this problem.if it doe`s I would be surprised
throw away Golf - robson
Could not believe it (Meldrew stylee),It was the leads .
Yes the pipe that was changed was the one to the ecu through the b/head no kinks etc but didn`t make a difference.
The guy at the dyno centre was at a loss but the rolling road showed h/t prob.
This time genuine VW leads used ,60 miles later everything o.k going like it should.
Possibly a case for using geuine parts, but definately a case for having a proper diagnostic on a rolling road.
Thanks for everyones response .
Cheers Robby
throw away Golf - Civic8
I would take old leads back to where you bought em.get your money back.It isn`t often you find copy leads that won`t work.well I haven`t had it anyway not so far.pleased you got it sorted

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