306 xsi sqeaking brakes - pug_306_xsi_8v
hi lads..
i have a 306 xsi with a set of rsr khans 17s.........i just changed the front brake pads and they\'re sqeaking like anything could anyone tell me why this please....

thank you
306 xsi sqeaking brakes - DL
What brand of pads did you use? I think therein lies your problem......

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306 xsi sqeaking brakes - pug_306_xsi_8v
thanks for the reply mate...........i used mentix the ones
306 xsi sqeaking brakes - Sooty Tailpipes
Mintex. They're fine, but did you apply anti-squeal precautions to the back plate?

These can take the form of aluminium aheet qith copper grease on each side, soft gasket type material, or if these aren't available for your vehicle, the rubbery stuff you smear on and leave to dry, you can get it in small sachets for about £1.29 and iys usually bright orange.
I think you can buy it from Halfords superstores these days hidden away somewhere, but most Motot factors will have it.
306 xsi sqeaking brakes - pug_306_xsi_8v
si its basically copper grease i got to apply to the back plate..

306 xsi sqeaking brakes - Sooty Tailpipes
Copper grease should be appled if nothing more sphistigated is used in it's place, but it doesen't always work, or stops working after so long.
I'd get some of the "Brake Squeal Stop" goop if I was you, it always works, and is used by the manufacturers a lot.
306 xsi sqeaking brakes - pug_306_xsi_8v
hi lads ive tryed copper grease but the sqeaks still there....its alittle better then before though,,,,i asked peugeot and there told me to use copper grease.....i went to kwik fit and they said they didn\'t rate mentix brakes, they recommended lucas...

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